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QLink Wireless

Get your free cell phone and 250 monthly minutes with Q Link Wireless, Lifeline assistance program with no contract, no bills, no credit check, and no additional fees. Receive 100 FREE bonus minutes for referring a friend.

There are ways now allowing a person to receive discounted or free cell phones with attractive plans for pay-as-you-go talks represented by Q Link Wireless free government phones and smartphones program in particular. This is a good program for all those who receive low income and qualify for obtaining financial assistance from the authorities. Several providers give this help for the use of their wireless services.

Qlink wireless provides a Lifeline Service program with telephone service discounts. This unique opportunity enable eligible subscribers to get free qlink wireless phones, free cellular service, and no monthly bills to pay for it. 250 free voice minutes are added to a free cell phone upon activating it. There is no annual contract or annual bills associated with this support program. Different typical features are included in all plans with great nationwide coverage of AT&T.

How to get a Q Link wireless phone through Lifeline

The Lifeline assistance program provides special rates for telecommunication services to families and individuals with low income. It used to be a wire phone service assistance, however, today due to the wide spread of wireless communications many people are able to enjoy the advantages of discounted cell phones. Different states fix various conditions for receiving this assistance. Hence, residents of a specific state must check the details for their own place of living.

How to apply for Qlink wireless phone

After checking whether a person is qualified for the assistance with different state guidelines, the simplest and fastest way to apply for a free Qlink wireless phone is through Qlink wireless application can be downloaded and sent through this website. It is also possible to check Qlink wireless application status here.

Qlink Wireless Simple Rate Plan

Q Link Wireless Free Government Phones and SmartphonesThe plan for using this provider is good since it comes without any hidden charges and without any daily access fees. A holder of this prepaid cell phone plan, whatever Q link wireless smartphone or regular cell phone they use, is suggested to pay for the voice minutes in advance. This user doesn’t have to sign any long-term contracts, undergo any credit checks or make any deposits.

The advantages of this prepaid cell phone plan include the ability to refill air minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This can be done either online or over the phone. Q Link Wireless card or PIN can be purchased at many locations nationwide, as well. Besides, there is a starting amount of 100 free airtime minutes. Finally, the plan enables a subscriber to use all possible modern cell phone features including international calls.

To conclude, Q Link Wireless free government phones and smartphones program is a good way to receive top-notch wireless communication with very low or no cost spent on it.

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How To Get Reachout Wireless Smartphones Free

Along with regular cell phones, Reachout Wireless smartphones are offered for both, government assisted lifeline services of this provider and non-governmental conventional prepaid cell phone plans. smartphones can be chosen by any subscriber in the section of Simple Plan during online enrolling process. The existing customers have a chance to update their cell phones to smart phones through the same website, too.

Features of Reachout Wireless smartphones

Does Reachout Wireless have smartphones of the latest models? Yes. The number of models is not very big though. Still, the variety includes the latest models of the popular brands, including Apple iPhone 4, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 2, LG Vortex VS660, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Devour, and many others. In order to get these smartphones, it is needed to pay extra fee. Only the simplest prepaid cell phones are available for free in different subscription plans of Reachout Wireless.

Reachout Wireless Smartphones

All the smartphones of Reachout Wireless go with typical phoning features given by the provider.

  • International long distance. It is possible to dial more than 100 countries directly from a Reachout Wireless smartphone. The charge is around $1.50 per minute, though there are some exceptions described in terms and conditions.
  • 3-way calling. Use you handset to have a three-person conversation. It does not matter if the people you talk to through 3-way calling have the same service provider, as long as theirs support this feature. Basically, the charges are the same as for making two calls.
  • Call forwarding. Any other domestic number can be assigned by you to receive forwarded calls from your Reachout Wireless smartphone. If this feature is activated, the smartphone itseld will not ring when called. The price of this feature is equal to the one of inbound calls.
  • Select text messaging. Through this feature, any customer can send and receive short text message to and from the other cell phones supporting the function. The total length of one text has a limit of 160 characters.
  • Voice mail. This option is an answering machine. There is no additional charge for it, since its costs are included in per-minute rate.
  • Called ID. This is a no additional charge feature, as well. You will be shown a caller ID of the person who calls you.
  • Call waiting. There will be an alert to your Reachout Wireless smartphones when there is a third party trying to reach during an active call.

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Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones and Smartphones

Assurance Wireless phones are possible to get through the program of US government assistance to all those suffering from the lack of financial resources or wishing to save money while enjoying the cell phone services for free. These Assurance Wireless free phones or smartphones are very simple in their functionality; still, they carry out all the necessary functions familiar to modern people.

The Assurance Wireless Company itself is a part of greater cell phone service providing group called Sprint’s Prepaid Cell phone group. It has been especially established for eligible people with low-income. The customers who get their free government cell phones from Assurance Wireless are usually the US citizens receiving other types of authorities help, i.e. food stamps, medic aid, etc. It is very good that today these people have a chance to get assistance to benefit from wireless communication at no cost at all.

Getting an Assurance Wireless Phone


For all those who wish to get a fully operational cell phone with preloaded air time, the first step is always the same: they have to fill out the application which can be easily downloaded from web site. It would be wise to review the eligibility requirements along with terms and conditions of service before applying and taking any further actions, for it could save some time.

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone

The very common problem that arises when an individual gets familiar with the criteria for being eligible is the fact that the specific free government cell phone assistance program might not be provided to the inhabitants of the specific USA states. In the case like this, there is no need for one to get disappointed for there are for sure other free phone assistance programs available in this particular part of the country.


When a customer complies with all the requirements set towards the potential receivers and completes the Assurance Wireless application form, it should not take long for the provider to review it after submission and reply to the applicant. After this happens, in just a few days an applicant can enjoy one of free Assurance Wireless phones or Assurance Wireless smartphones. The deal from this provider is even better because the prepaid cell phone plan from Assurance Wireless comes with free 250 minutes of air time every month. These wireless voice minutes can be used for local, national as wells as long-distance calls.  If a customer wants to get more minutes to the free government cell phone, it can be done through the website. Usually, this additional air-time does not cost more than a few bucks for a bunch of minutes.

What Kind of Phones are Available as Assurance Wireless Phones

The headset which people  get now when becoming customers of this provider is Kyocera Jax. This is a pretty simple cellular phone which is perfect for low-income individuals and households receiving financial assistance; unemployed people who look for a job; people whose income is close to the poverty line.

The cell phone has the text and instant messages feature that come at additional charge, a speakerphone, call waiting, caller ID determination, and a good customer care in English and Spanish.


In order to get Assurance Wireless cell phone or smartphones, fill in the application.

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Life Wireless Prepaid Provider Review

Another important member in the bandwagon of providers of Lifeline services in USA, Life Wireless has made its presence felt with its timely disposal of services and extended reach among the lower economic rungs of the society. Life Wireless is not unlike its peers in most aspects of provision of services.

About Life Wireless

Life Wireless is a service provided by Telrite Corporation. As a service provider bridging the gap between the eligible and Lifeline, the government initiated program of providing low income families with free or highly subsidized telecommunication channels, Life Wireless has garnered considerable support for itself.

Life Wireless claims to stringently follow rules set by the government and by itself to ensure that the impact of the company’s services and the benefits of the services it provides are far reaching. The service is easy to apply for, and the process of acquiring it is dependent entirely on eligibility for the service.

life wireless website

Eligibility Requirements for Life Wireless

To be a recipient of the services of Life Wireless, an applicant must belong to a household whose total income is 135% or less of Federal Poverty Guidelines. Also, Life Wireless in well within easy reach of those who are beneficiaries of any of the following government programs: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Medicaid, Food Stamps, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA).

Life Wireless is also available to those residing in recognized tribal regions. It is not just the urban poor that are in the purview of Lifeline program. Every household across the nation that is unable to acquire cell phones and cellular services at market prices because of the economic condition of their household is eligible to apply.

The residents of government recognized tribal zones who subscribe to various government assistance program can also apply for Life Wireless services. The assistance programs include Tribally Administered TANF, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

Applying for Life Wireless Services

Proper documentation is the most important part of applying for the services of Life Wireless. An applicant is required to put together all authentic documentation that proves his / her eligibility to subscribe to Lifeline program. When your situation / need is authentic, the process of acquiring Life Wireless services is rendered easy.

Life Wireless

Apart from putting together documentation that certifies your eligibility for the program, you must also establish that no member of your household is currently a beneficiary of Lifeline. The rules governing the dissemination of Lifeline services are such that no household is allowed to possess more than one cell phone provided by services like Life Wireless. This is to ensure that more families benefit from the program as companies often count factors like availability of cell phones when allotting the same for applicants.On presenting the company with requisite paperwork, your application is screened and processed and a reply is sent to an applicant at the earliest. Life Wireless indemnifies itself from any damages caused by the mobile phones it provides its applicants with. However, the company allows a subscriber to report any defects or malfunctioning cell phones within two years of the cell phone being dispatched so that it may be replaced.

Contacting Life Wireless is quite easy as customer service is amply available. If you deem yourself eligible of the services of Life Wireless, all you need to do is dial 1-888-543-3620 and inquire about the process of application. Calls are received between 8am and 12am every day of the week.

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Access Wireless Lifeline Program – Free Government Cell Phone and Smartphone Plans

Access Wireless provides its customers free government cell phones and monthly plans (including rewards plan) in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. The list of states citizens of which can apply for a free phone with this Lifeline program will increase when more approvals for Access Wireless service from state authorities will be granted.

This Lifeline government communication service is provided by i-Wireless, LLC and uses Sprint network to enable its subscribers to benefit from a national-wide coverage. The free minutes are added to every plan phone number at the beginning of each month and good for local or long distance domestic calls. Their amount doesn not depend on whether you use a free government cell phone or a smartphone. Access Wireless works on the no contract basis, hence, no bills or additional fees are expected to be paid by its consumers.

If you want to get more airtime minutes from Access Wireless when basic plan ones are gone, you can get one of the top up cards. I-wireless airtime cards (available at Kroger stores) are also good for this purpose. One of the benefits of Access Wireles top up cards is that they come not only with talk minutes but also with other bonuses. For example, a $25 dollar top up will give you 300 anytime airtime minutes + unlimited text messages for 30 days + 500 MB data package. If you use a smart phone the last bonus can be especially helpful. The $10 and $50 cards are also available for purchasing.

There are also several great ways to get to get more minutes for free.
The first one in participation in a special promo action. Access Wireless is the only Lifeline program that participates in a reward plan program with Kroger stores. 20 minutes are given at no cost for every 100 bucks spent at Kroger’s. Additional terms and conditions apply to this promo. You can read about them at, which is the official web-site of the provider. Second way to get more free minutes is to refer a friend to enroll with the company. If such friend gets approved, 1,000 minutes are given to a referrer. Once again. some limitations apply as for the number of the referrals.

How to check eligibility and enroll?

A typical eligible applicant is the one who already participates in other federal government support programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Family Independence (TANF), Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Healthy Connections / Select Health (Medicaid), Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Headstart (meeting income qualifying standards), Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), etc. Income levels are also important for qualification. Besides, the limit of free phones from Life Line is one per household. To check all the conditions, just enter you ZIP code in a special form at and you will be given a complete list of requirements.
The fastest way to enroll in the program is to send Access Wireless application to the company. It can be downloaded for the same web page with eligibility requirements. Just fill in your information and attach the eligibility documents copies and mail it to Access Wireless, One Levee Way, Suite 3106, Newport, KY 41071. You can also fax it to 1-888-594-4473

Access Wireless customer service number is 1-800-464-6010. Its works from 7:00 am to 11:00pm CST, every day.

Important Notice: There may be more free government cell phones service providers operating in your state – find more information here.

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True Wireless Free Government Cell Phones

True Wireless provides a government-funded program called Lifeline for phone users who are limited by their income and can’t afford to purchase a cell phone. It helps low income families by providing discounts or free phone service as well as the phone itself so they can find jobs, communicate with their children’s schools and make important calls. The Lifeline program is paid for by the federal Universal Service Fund. It’s meant to provide services to low-income members.

True Wireless Eligibility – Enrollment Criteria

Low-income households that receive state health insurance, public housing assistance, the national lunch program, Head Start or Supplemental Security Income are eligible for the Lifeline program. Their income must be at or below the national poverty guidelines.

How to Apply for a True Wireless Plan

If your family is receiving any of the listed benefits above or other benefits based on low income, you are most likely eligible for the program. True Wireless administers the program for Arkansas, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Maryland and Texas. The Universal Service Administration Company has pre-screening software that will help you determine if you are eligible for the program. Once you’ve applied for the Lifeline Program, you can head over to the True Wireless website ( to apply for a phone as well as service.

Available True Wireless Plans

Arkansas, Rhode Island, Maryland and Texas
Free Service for the Lifeline Program

With the free service, you will receive a new, free phone, 250 minutes of phone service and 5 MB of data service. Text messages will cost one voice minute whether they are sent or received. Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month, and users must make one call or text per 60 days of service.

For $5 per month, you can receive a brand-new phone, 1000 voice minutes and 50 MB of data service. It comes with caller ID, 3-way calling and call forwarding. The minutes do not roll over if they’re unused each month.

The next plan under the Lifelink program costs $25 and has unlimited talk and text along with 250 MB of data. It has caller ID, call forwarding and 3-way calling. With 250 MB of data service, customers can visit approximately 50 web pages per day.

This plan caters to people who are cruising social media and the web frequently during the day. It comes with unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of data. This plan includes a free phone too.


True Wireless Lifeline Service Program

Residents of Oklahoma receive a free Android True Wireless Smartphone, 1750 minutes of voice, 2000 text messages and 5 MB of data for $1. The plan has caller ID, 3-way calling and call forwarding too. Minutes that are not used each month do not roll over to the next month.

The casual plan offers unlimited talk with its free Android smartphone. It comes with 2000 text messages and 250 MB of data service for $5 per month.

At $10 per month, customers in the Lifeline program can get unlimited talk, 4,000 text messages and 500 MB of data. The plan comes with caller ID, call forwarding and 3-way calling.

This plan is for customers who surf the web constantly. It comes with one of free Android True Wireless smartphones, 4,000 text messages, unlimited talk and 1 GB of data. It costs $20 per month.

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TerraCom Wireless Free Government Phones Lifeline Program

TerraCom Wireless is a lifeline phone service provider that is similar to others offered in the United States. Its purpose is to provide individuals with low incomes get wireless services that can keep them connected. Many of these people do not have a landline, which means that their cell phone is generally their only means for communicating with the outside world. TerraCom provides these services at a low cost along with quality customer service.

There is only one TerraCom Wireless phone provided per household. In order to use the lifeline phone service, customers must provide proof of eligibility. This means the individual must be on Medicaid, use Food Stamps, receive SSI, federal public housing assistance, be on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the National School Lunch programs or be enrolled in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program. In addition, a current tax return that shows the person’s proof of income can be used as proof for eligibility into the lifeline program.

Once you have been approved for a phone through TerraCom Wireless, you will be able to choose from a few different plans. The Lifeline Plan 250, as its name implies, includes 250 free voice minutes. Text messages are also allowed, but at the rate of one minute per text message sent and received. This plan does not include rollover voice minutes, with the plan starting fresh month by month.

The Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan Talk Text Web Plan Tribal is $3.99 per month. It is available only for residents of Oklahoma and provides users with unlimited talk, text and web for the low price of $3.99 per month, along with taxes and fees. Like the Lifeline Plan 250, this plan does not carry rollover minutes, web or text and the plan starts anew each month.

The Oklahoma Wireless Lifeline Service Unlimited Talk or Text Plan Tribal $3.99 provides customers with a choice of either unlimited voice minutes or text messaging for $3.99 plus taxes and fees per month. It is available only for Oklahoma residents, and unused minutes and texts do not carry over into the next month.

The Oklahoma TerraCom Wireless Lifeline 1000 Plan Talk or Text is $1.00 per month plus taxes and fees. It provides users with either 1000 text messages or 1000 voice minutes and does not carry over into the next month. It is only available for residents of Oklahoma.

When you sign up for Terra Com Wireless, you will receive a free basic phone that is capable of handling phone calls, text messaging and data. Unfortunately, if your phone is lost or stolen, the company is not responsible. However, you can receive a new device for as low as $19.99 or as much as $99.99 made by brands such as LG, ZTE or Samsung. When the issue arises, just contact TerraCom Wireless to solve it.

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Tag Mobile Lifeline Cell Phone Service

TAG Mobile is proud to offer the government funded Lifeline program to those who qualify. It is a cellular phone company that offers competitive plans in Dallas, TX. Tag Lifeline services allow those who typically wouldn’t be able to afford to have a cell phone the chance to have one at no cost. This program is income based and is only offered in select areas. Tag Mobile is doing everything it can to ensure that more people in diverse areas can have this much needed coverage. With these cell phones, you can have access to emergency services and community resources at the touch of a button.

Having a method in which to communicate is vital to even the elderly. It allows you to be able to schedule both business and social services and be in touch with friends and family. The company began this program in 2011, and have been helping others to pioneer this program to those who have a need. Reaching out to the communities across America, Tag Mobile has helped improve lives one at a time.

Best of all, you get a free cellular phone that has internet capabilities and can text. These are nice Tag Mobile cell phones that have caller ID and voicemail services already build-in. This is just another added benefit to this program. With a pre-set amount of monthly minutes, it’s easy to track and make sure you don’t go over your allotment. If you want more minutes, you can purchase those too by adding a credit or debit card to your account.

To apply for the program through Tag Mobile is easy. Simply go to the website at and click on the “Lifeline” button. Then proceed to the sub heading that says sign-up area. Here you will be asked for your zip code. If the provider serves your area, it will tell you what services your state offers. Some states offer more minutes than the allotment of 250, like California. The program will give you the specifics when you enter your zip code. On the right side of the screen it will give you a list of locations in your area that deal with our service. Simply go to the location with proof of income and a photo id. If it doesn’t have service in your area, the screen will alert you too.

You get a free phone and at least 250 minutes of cell phone time. To qualify you have to be at 150% of the poverty rate. Households that receive Section 8, WIC, Food stamps or Medicaid can also qualify. Be sure to bring along this documentation with you to the meeting. Tag Mobile coverage is nationwide, which means you won’t be left in the cold. Whether you need to keep up with friends and loved ones or you must need a phone to schedule doctor’s appointments, it has you covered.

This free program by Tag Mobile is life changing for most. Having a phone is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity.

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Cellular One and Lifeline

Lifeline by Cellular One is a free cell phone service offered through a partnership with the Lifeline program of United States government. The service is available to the low-income residents of tribal lands in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico and it offers a free cell phone as well local air minutes for both calling and texting. For almost 30 years, the Lifeline program has provided millions of low-income families with basic phone service, but the service is restricted to one line per household. The Lifeline program offers a free government phone, local call minutes and text to help you keep in touch with family, friends and employers. In addition, Cellular One offers optional step up plans.

The FREE4Life plan includes a $30 gift card plus a free Cellular One smart phone featuring WIFI, camera and video on an Android platform. The cell phone, an Unnecto Drone XT is a smartphone which weighs only 100 grams and has a 3.5 inch display. This sweet little phone handles up to 3.5 gigabytes of memory and boasts an FM radio. The same restrictions apply for the FREE4Life plan as the basic Lifeline phone service, but under the federal Link Up program, a discount is offered for the FREE4Life plan which covers the cost of activation. The phones are available to all low-income families or those who meet the benefits requirements called for in the Lifeline plan also, residency on tribal lands in states of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico is required.

Image by

The FreedomFone is another great plan available under the Cellular One Lifeline program. The plan offers 600 local anytime network minutes and 1000 texts plus a $20 gift card. It is only available to qualified individuals and families who live on tribal lands in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Applicants must be 18 years of age, low-income and/or receive benefits from approved services.

Successful low-income applicants eligible for Cellular One’s free service enrollment are those living on tribal lands or receiving certain federal and state government benefits; these benefits vary state by state but several basic programs cover all three states. These benefits include, SNAP benefits, public housing, Headstart, LIHEAP, medicaid, Navajo Nation Program for Self Reliance, National School Free Lunch Program, and SSI. Proof of income, address and state or federal ID is required, and an EBT card is also proof of your qualifications at meeting benefit requirements.

In Arizona, additional services and benefits meeting the Lifeline requirements are Arizona Tribal General Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Tribal Food Distribution Program and the Kids Care program.

Additional benefit programs in New Mexico are Tribal General Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Tribal Food Distribution Program.

In Utah, eligible benefit programs include Refugee Assistance, Tribal General Assistance, Work Toward Employment, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Home Electric Lifeline Program and the Tribal Food Distribution Program.

Roaming, toll, long distance and international calls and texting are charged in addition to other free services provided by the individual plans within Cellular One terms and conditions. Visit the Cellular One Lifeline ( website for additional information.

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Free Government Budget Mobile Phones Program

With a service from Budget Mobile, there’s never a reason to feel alone, regardless of your financial status. Being able to pick up the phone in an emergency, have a call back number for a job, or to just keep in contact with friends and family, makes a huge difference in our technically advanced world. Budget Mobile gives you a reliable source of communication at a price you can afford.

Requirements To Enroll Budget Mobile

Household incomes that fall below 135% of the federal poverty level guidelines qualify for a free Budget Mobile phone in most states. Further, being part of any one of the following programs automatically qualifies you and your family for this government-funded phone program.

  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing

There are other state and local assistance programs that may be included, such as SNAP and National School Lunches. The best way to learn more about the prospect of owning a Budget Mobile phone or smartphone is to fill out the convenient Budget Mobile application that is provided online.

Few Restrictions and Great Benefits

The Budget Mobile LifeLine Service lasts for 12 months before having to re-qualify. There are no contracts, fees, or surcharges that are added to your free service. Qualifying individuals will receive a free mobile phone plus 250 free minutes and free texts every month. Although Budget Mobile is a LifeLine government assistance program supported by the Universal Service Fund, there are some limitations due to geographic areas. Also, only one phone per family is offered.

Over and Above Excellent Support

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) cell phones are a great asset to those with limited hearing. All Budget Mobile Phones (to our best knowledge) have this capability to support these devices. If an accident should occur with your mobile unit within 30 days of receipt, it will be replaced free of charge. If for any reason that you are not satisfied with your free cell phone, you can simply mail it back to the manufacturer.

Earn Extra Money by being a Representative

Being strapped for money is probably why you chose to look into the Government Budget Mobile Phones Program. By introducing others to the benefits of having a Budget Mobile LifeLine phone, you can earn extra money just by giving them away. There are also other opportunities for employment with stores located across the country.

Since 1996, Budget Prepay has been providing service to 46 states through prepaid communication services. Based in Louisiana, Budget Mobile is considered one of the leading prepay telecommunication companies in the country. By offering more than just a cell phone and minutes, their excellent customer support puts them on top when compared to other cell phone businesses. The equipment and service is free, the support is fantastic, and this could provide the freedom that you need without worrying about the cost.

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