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It is through that Assurance Wireless service offers a free phone and a number of free minutes per month for eligible customers in most states of the U.S.A. Among other prepaid cell phones providers AssuranceWireless stands out as a reliable company having Virgin Mobile behind it. The rules of using the services of this provider are simple to understand and to follow, as well as there is an ease of filling the Assurance Wireless application at and the following enrollment. Therefore, this company is very popular and appreciated by its subscribers.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone

Anyone who wants to evaluate chances as for getting an Assurance Wireless free phone should consider doing through website. There is a lot of useful information about existing prepaid cell phone plans, phones available under each subscription, terms of service, as well as general information about the company, and many more. Besides, using web page is also the fastest way to reach Assurance Wireless customer service. The website provides all AssuranceWireless customer service contact details and contains several interactive features enabling the customers to leave their feedbacks about the services and to communicate with the support. Therefore, Assurance Wireless phone has a good online back up.

Features of

Overall, the site has a simple structure and is fully informative. The main page is not overloaded with special promotions or other advertising, which gives a viewer no chance for disorientation.

Several categories describe the advantages of Assurance Wireless phone program, general guidelines about qualification for Lifeline cell phone service, geographical availability checking tool, answers to the most frequently asked questions, a tool for checking Lifeline Wireless plan application status, and a tool for activation a New user phone number or switching to AssuranceWireless from Virgin mobile.

Besides, the page contains data on available prepaid cell phone plans from this provider, additional voice minutes packs that can be purchased here as well, contacting details of the customer service, description of the benefits of the program, and other info.

To sum up, it is worth to mention that at the moment Assurance Wireless Lifeline prepaid cell phone program enables a person to get a free cell phone and enjoy 250 free voice minutes every month. This air time can be used for local and long-distance domestic calling. The advantage of this provider is that no long-term contracts need to be signed, a subscriber does not receive any bills, and there is no activation fee at all. To find out more, please, visit

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Apply for a Free Phone at Web Page
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