Prepaid Cell Phones and Smartphones

Cell Phones Popularity Phenomenon

After a first automobile was manufactured and sold, it took more than a century for number of cars owned by individuals around a globe to reach several billions.

The success of cell phones has been reached much faster. Over the past few decades these convenient communication devices has spread among hundreds of countries and their citizens.

They have become an irreplaceable part of everyone’s life, and their popularity is still increasing. In fact, it is probably allowed now to classify cellular phones as fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
No wonder, the increasing demand causes a significant improvement of the devices and their functions. Today only several companies producing cell phones form a whole multi-billion market.

Bringing a Connection

Free Cell Phones and SmartphonesAt the same time, it is not only the producers of the gadgets and final their users who are interested in the market. There are hundreds of different cell phone services providing companies, which serve as main players in the cell phone world. These businesses build and manage technical facilities for organizing communication networks of different generations (2G, 3G, 4G, etc.). Also, they set the rules for the consumers in terms of rates for air talk and date exchange. Moreover, they also sell cell phones and smartphones, sometimes with big discounts. Their contract and prepaid (pay as you go) cell phone plans vary greatly: it can happen that a minute of air time with one provider has the same price as a dozen with another.

Prepaid Plans for Cell Phones and Smartphones

at&t, Verizon, sprint, t-mobileThe easiest way of getting a personal mobile phone is by getting an unlocked cell phone and a prepaid service provider sim card. These pay-as-you-go services suggest a purchase of minutes or data packages in advance. They leave a buyer free of any obligations as for signing a contract, monthly or yearly fees, renewal charges, etc. An owner of such pay-as-you-talk cell phone plan is only charged when a call or data exchange is made. This is a very convenient way for anyone who wants to fill no psychological, technical and financial restrictions. So, getting a wireless prepaid cell phone or smartphone seems to be the best solution. This website is intended to guide one in the “sea” of different prepaid options by providing reviews of prepaid cell smartphones and mobile phones, as well as prepaid cell phone plans.

Free Cell Phones and Free Smartphones

Lately, the availability of cell phone services has increased because of the Lifeline phone program. It provides free government cell phones (and, sometimes, free government smartphones) for income-eligible U.S. citizens. It is a great initiative, since it enables people with low income to enjoy all the benefits of keeping in touch easily. Usually, such benefits include receiving a free phone with a number of free talk minutes and text messages renewed monthly. Of course, it has some restrictions and there is an application process. However, now hundreds of thousands of American households and people are enrolled. Our web page also includes descriptions of providing companies that participate in Lifeline program, different information on the services they provide along with advice on application process for getting free cell phones from the government.

Prepaid Cell Phone

Top Free Government Cell Phones Providers

Assurance WirelessAssurance Wireless

One of the ways to get government assisted cell phone is to enroll with Lifeline program through Assurance Wireless. This service is managed by Virgin mobile, one of the biggest telecommunication companies. There are several eligibility requirements which are both, federal and state-specific. To get a free government phone from Assurance Wireless, one should visit and fill in an official program application. The review and approval process takes a few days, and, after a positive decision is done, an applicant gets what he or she has wished for. Separate households may apply as well, as long as there has been no successful enrolment in the program before.

ReachOut WirelessReachout Wireless

Free government phone from Reachout Wireless (brought by Nexus Communication, Inc.) is also very popular. It is supplied with monthly package of free minutes and various phone models. The procedure of applying with Reachout Wireless is similar to other programs, and the fastest way for becoming a customer is though the company’s web page, This provider also has a few prepaid cell phone plans with great deals for minutes, messages, and internet. Cheap unlimited prepaid plans (unlimited talk & text) are also available for Lifeline assisted customers. Other pros of using Reachout are its huge nation-wide coverage area and inexpensive roaming fees.

SafeLink WirelessSafelink Wireless not only allows income eligible people to become a participant of a Lifleline government assistance program but also gives a chance to get more free minutes be referring a friend to a program. Overall, a free government phone from Safelink is a good deal, since it goes with 250 free minute packs per month. Usually, everyone who receives Medicaid or food stamps can become enrolled. As other companies do, Safelink allows purchasing of extra air time and service plan change. Soon it will be easy to add more Safelink minutes, since the providing company will start selling Airtime Cards through retailers.

As of this date, we have reviewed such prepaid cell phone providers as Cricket, Life, Care, Cintex, Alltel, AirlinkQlink and more. We would like to know your feedbacks of these companies and the services they provide. Please, leave a comment at the bottom of a correspondent review page.

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