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Q Link Wireless

Get your free cell phone and 250 monthly minutes with Q Link Wireless, Lifeline assistance program with no contract, no bills, no credit check, and no additional fees. Receive 100 FREE bonus minutes for referring a friend.

There are ways now allowing a person to receive discounted or free cell phones with attractive plans for pay-as-you-go talks represented by Q Link Wireless free government phones and smartphones program in particular. This is a good program for all those who receive low income and qualify for obtaining financial assistance from the authorities. Several providers give this help for the use of their wireless services.

Qlink wireless provides a Lifeline Service program with telephone service discounts. This unique opportunity enable eligible subscribers to get free qlink wireless phones, free cellular service, and no monthly bills to pay for it. 250 free voice minutes are added to a free cell phone upon activating it. There is no annual contract or annual bills associated with this support program. Different typical features are included in all plans with great nationwide coverage of AT&T.

How to get a Q Link wireless phone through Lifeline

The Lifeline assistance program provides special rates for telecommunication services to families and individuals with low income. It used to be a wire phone service assistance, however, today due to the wide spread of wireless communications many people are able to enjoy the advantages of discounted cell phones. Different states fix various conditions for receiving this assistance. Hence, residents of a specific state must check the details for their own place of living.

How to apply for Qlink wireless phone

After checking whether a person is qualified for the assistance with different state guidelines, the simplest and fastest way to apply for a free Qlink wireless phone is through Qlink wireless application can be downloaded and sent through this website. It is also possible to check Qlink wireless application status here.

Qlink Wireless Simple Rate Plan

Q Link Wireless Free Government Phones and SmartphonesThe plan for using this provider is good since it comes without any hidden charges and without any daily access fees. A holder of this prepaid cell phone plan, whatever Q link wireless smartphone or regular cell phone they use, is suggested to pay for the voice minutes in advance. This user doesn’t have to sign any long-term contracts, undergo any credit checks or make any deposits.

The advantages of this prepaid cell phone plan include the ability to refill air minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This can be done either online or over the phone. Q Link Wireless card or PIN can be purchased at many locations nationwide, as well. Besides, there is a starting amount of 100 free airtime minutes. Finally, the plan enables a subscriber to use all possible modern cell phone features including international calls.

To conclude, Q Link Wireless free government phones and smartphones program is a good way to receive top-notch wireless communication with very low or no cost spent on it.

qlink wireless website Site For Free Phones

Government assisted programs offering free phones and free minutes include QLink Wireless, the information about which is available through, an official website of this mobile service provider. The families and individuals with low income are given a chance to enjoy discounted benefits of wireless of cell phone plans. It has become a usual thing now for mobile services to come in a form of assistance taking place of a conventional phone wire.

The homepage of features general facts about Q Link wireless with stating main advantages of using this provider along with latest updates on special offers and the company news. All main sectors of can be reached through this homepage.

“About Us” Section

Tqlink wireless websitehis web page gives information on the providing company and services given. The Lifeline and Link-Up programs are possible to receive for the subscribers meeting some requirements. Millions of Americans have been using the help that comes through these programs. The Universal Service Fund is formed not from the money of tax-payers, but from other sources.


“Lifeline Program” Section

If you want to find out about the specifics of Lifeline program, enroll for Lifeline Service, as well as read about all plans and features of Lifeline, this section is the one that gives such an opportunity. Along those actions, it also describes a Refer-A-Friend option and lets all prospective applicants to check whether they are eligible for filling Qlink wireless application. Moreover, here a user can find answers to frequently asked questions, change current plan and buy or add more minutes.

“Phones” Section

Under this part of, a subscriber can get the description of sample Q Link Wireless phones and Qlink wireless smartphones. Their retail prices, availability and amount of free bonus minutes included are listed here, too.

“Service & Support” Section

This is a customer service sector. Existing users can learn the phone number of Qlink customer support and its e-mail. Using this page, a customer can check enrollment status, redeem monthly minutes, set up voicemail, and read about text messaging, international calling. Finally, technical and service support may be accessed here. Users of this provider can submit documents, update account, cancel service, add or buy minutes, and, of course, sing up for free government cell phones from Qlink Wireless.