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Alltel Wireless

Alltel Wireless Cell Phone Service Provider

Alltel Wireless may not among the top names that pop to mind when discussing Lifeline program because the company offers Lifeline services only as a small part its diverse plans. However, the company has also created sizeable impact in the field and must not be entirely ignored. Serving to consumers of telecommunication services in six states across the USA, Alltel Wireless is a company that names flexibility in its provision of plans and enhanced coverage among its strongest points.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This company does not provide cell phone services or cell phones. Please, see a list of working providers here.

About Alltel Wireless

Alltel Wireless is the service provided by Allied Wireless Communications Corporation (AWCC), a telecommunication company based in Arkansas. Lifeline program services are a part of the platter of services served by the company and are thus not as famous a company in the realm of Lifeline service providers.

Lifeline is a government program wherein free government cell phones are distributed among low-income households, proving them with at least 60 minutes of free minutes per month. For Alltel Wireless, Lifeline program is one of its many plans with a respectably sized clientele.

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Alltel Wireless Lifeline Plan

Alltel Wireless extends the benefits of Lifeline to its customers who reside in those states that provide the program. Applicants of Alltel Wireless Lifeline plan are to confirm with the rules set down by state governments regarding the program. Each state differs slightly in its specifications concerning guidelines that determine eligibility for Lifeline plan.

Alltel Wireless asks its applicants to ensure that they conform with all the rules set down, and provide documents that establish their eligibility. Each low-income household is permitted to apply for only one Lifeline connection – this is not an Alltel Wireless requirement, but that of the Lifeline program. Only one free government cell phone is allotted for each low-income household that applies for the same.

Alltel Wireless, like every other Lifeline service provider, continues to provide its subscribers with their allocated free minutes until such a time when the applicant is no longer eligible for the program. If there occurs upward social mobility that places you out of the realm of this support program, you must notify Alltel Wireless so that your Lifeline contract with the company is terminated.

A monthly access fee of $16.49 is charged for the 300 anytime minutes provided. If you require more than the allotted 300 minutes, you can purchase additional minutes at a highly economical $0.10 per minute. A reason to rejoice is the lack of toll charges on nationwide local calling. Roaming charges for Lifeline consumers have been anchored at $0.59 per minute.

Alltel Wireless Services

Alltel Wireless

Alltel Wireless extends all its plans to consumers via authorized outlets. You are advised to visit the official webpage of the Alltel Wireless and browse through the list of authorized agents situated close to your dwelling. Lifeline plan, too, can be sold only by authorized sales representatives of the company at Alltel stores.

When you visit an Alltel retail store, speak with a sales representative to ensure that you reside in a region that falls in the purview of Lifeline program. Present all the required documentation to get the process of acquiring the service started. You will be asked to sign a state-specific certificate under penalty of perjury as a part of the legal pre-requisites of Alltel Wireless.

Different from mainstream Lifeline service providers, Alltel Wireless outlets may ask you to purchase a device priced at least at $29.99 before your account can be activated. Account activation takes place from the retail store itself, and no binding contract is drawn up between Alltel Wireless and its Lifeline consumer.

Customer service:

1-800-ALLTEL1 (1-800-255-8351) or dial *611 from your Alltel phone (current customers)