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Free Government Budget Mobile Phones Program

With a service from Budget Mobile, there’s never a reason to feel alone, regardless of your financial status. Being able to pick up the phone in an emergency, have a call back number for a job, or to just keep in contact with friends and family, makes a huge difference in our technically advanced world. Budget Mobile gives you a reliable source of communication at a price you can afford.

Requirements To Enroll Budget Mobile

Household incomes that fall below 135% of the federal poverty level guidelines qualify for a free Budget Mobile phone in most states. Further, being part of any one of the following programs automatically qualifies you and your family for this government-funded phone program.

  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing

There are other state and local assistance programs that may be included, such as SNAP and National School Lunches. The best way to learn more about the prospect of owning a Budget Mobile phone or smartphone is to fill out the convenient Budget Mobile application that is provided online.

Few Restrictions and Great Benefits

The Budget Mobile LifeLine Service lasts for 12 months before having to re-qualify. There are no contracts, fees, or surcharges that are added to your free service. Qualifying individuals will receive a free mobile phone plus 250 free minutes and free texts every month. Although Budget Mobile is a LifeLine government assistance program supported by the Universal Service Fund, there are some limitations due to geographic areas. Also, only one phone per family is offered.

Over and Above Excellent Support

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) cell phones are a great asset to those with limited hearing. All Budget Mobile Phones (to our best knowledge) have this capability to support these devices. If an accident should occur with your mobile unit within 30 days of receipt, it will be replaced free of charge. If for any reason that you are not satisfied with your free cell phone, you can simply mail it back to the manufacturer.

Earn Extra Money by being a Representative

Being strapped for money is probably why you chose to look into the Government Budget Mobile Phones Program. By introducing others to the benefits of having a Budget Mobile LifeLine phone, you can earn extra money just by giving them away. There are also other opportunities for employment with stores located across the country.

Since 1996, Budget Prepay has been providing service to 46 states through prepaid communication services. Based in Louisiana, Budget Mobile is considered one of the leading prepay telecommunication companies in the country. By offering more than just a cell phone and minutes, their excellent customer support puts them on top when compared to other cell phone businesses. The equipment and service is free, the support is fantastic, and this could provide the freedom that you need without worrying about the cost.