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Lifeline Program With Care Wireless

Care Wireless is a provider of Lifeline program, an assistance initiative of the government that has been providing low income households with much appreciated help in the form of free cell phones and free minutes. Lifeline is a program that has been in force for multiple decades, with landlines being distributed before they were rendered obsolete by cell phones.

Why Care Wireless?

Care Wireless is a service provider that may not be as popular as SafeLink Wireless or Assurance Wireless, but the provisions of this company are no lesser than the top Lifeline service providers in the country. Care Wireless towers over the government’s proposal of 60 free minutes per month with its generous offer of 300 free minutes per month. And additional free talk time is not the only perk of being a subscriber of Care Wireless Lifeline service.

Care Wireless includes all prescribed features of a Lifeline service. You are not bound by any contract, there are no monthly bills that are addressed to you every month, you enjoy nationwide coverage sans glitches and dialing 911 is free.

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What sets Care Wireless apart from its peers is that it provides 300 free minutes, and allows you to opt for 750 free text messages every month, should the need for texting be greater than that of making calls. Not all Lifeline services provide text messaging as a part of the deal. Voicemail is also among the features offered – set up your voicemail as soon as you receive your phone so that you do not have to miss out on any important calls.


Caller ID is also a part of the buffet of services offered by Care Wireless to its consumers. Conference calling is also rendered possible by the option of 3-way calling provided by the company, and long distance calling within the country is also offered for free.

Keeping Track with Care Wireless

Care Wireless allows its users to keep track of their usage themselves too. The billing procedure of the company is quite transparent and calculation is easy. Every minute used costs $0.05 and each text message sent or received deducts $0.02 from your account. Also, every time you punch 411. $0.99 is charged to your account apart from the airtime charged for the call. Knowing the number helps applicants calculate their charges and thus plan their use for the plan according.


If you need more than 300 minutes for a month, you can simply step into any of the 36,000 stores where Care Wireless top up cards are available. Topping your account with $10 gives you 90 days within which to use up the amount, as does $20. $30 and $50 recharges come with validity periods of 180 days, while a recharge of $100 boasts of a life time of 365 days.

Eligibility for Care Wireless

The terms for availing yourselves of Care Wireless are not different from those dictated by those dictated by the central government and state governments for the plan. The government assistance programs whose members are deemed eligible for this service are Medicaid, Bureau of Indian Affairs Program, National School Free Lunch Program, Supplemental Social Security, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Low Incomes Homes Energy Assistance Program and Federal Public Housing Assistance.

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Care Wireless also requires the applicant to be the head of a household, and in that position you are also required to ensure that there is only one Lifeline assistance phone in your home. Also, you need to be a resident of a region where US Postal service can reach you for this is the means through which your free government cell phone is dispatched to

PO Box 1109
Bridgeview, IL 60455

(855) 711-2222