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A website is the official website of Cricket Wireless. This company is a popular US prepaid cell phone service provider, which has many “nice treats” for its clients.  First, the company has a quite impressive coverage map, so CricketWireless locations are all across the country, in Las Vegas, San Diego and San Antonio as well as in the Kansas city and NY it operates just fine. Second, from Cricket Wireless reviews it is possible to learn that it has a very good customer service, the latter can be reached through the toll of free phone number and through

Now, finally, there go the “killer” features:

– No contracts have to be signed;

– No hidden fees have to be paid;

– No credit checks are conducted.

Cricket features

The first impression of web page is that it is very user-friendly. No matter if it is the first time someone uses the site, or if a person is returning visitor, the design of the home page allows finding the way through with a few simple steps. Available both, in English and Spanish, website provides all the necessary information to the viewers.

At Cricket Wireless web site, a person can do the following actions:

Cricket Wireless Website

  1. Learn. Several categories and quick links lead to informational pages on which it is easy to understand the pros of using this particular provider, compare its plans and services with other prepaid cell phone companies, find out the guidelines for switching existing wireless carriers, and learn about the technology of this high quality 3G prepaid cell phone provider.


Besides, it is possible to find a location of the nearest store to get consultations, buy a prepaid phone, choose a plan and get more air time minutes.

From thereof, it is clear that CricketWireless shows a real respect toward the freedom of its clients and does not steel from their wallets. This specific provider does not bind the subscribers with cancelation fee chains, the people are free to choose to stop using the service. However, it is clear there is no reason for them to do so.

  1. Shop. Naturally, the website has a platform of online store with a variety of products available. One can start with checking out the Cricket Wireless phones and smartphones features and prices. These gadgets for prepaid communication also have some “candies” attached. If available at specific zip code, there is a free overnight shipping, free activation (can be done via cricket as well), and no contracts with national coverage.  Here, as well, there is a chance to pick all desired accessories for the chosen cell phone. There is a big variety of those available,

Besides, there is a category for shopping Cricket Wireless internet, phone, smartphone and muve music plans. There are many of those, for different budgets and with various features. Cricket mobile broadband, for example, is definitely worth of looking at.

3. Get support. Current subscribers of the provider can activate their phone through the website. Also, they can create a customer account to get additional access to information and manage the phone account online, through page.

Coverage and Quality (5 / 1)
Plan Features (5 / 1)
Provided Device (5 / 1)
Help and Support (5 / 1)
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I have cricket and I love their service. It is easy to change your plan if you want to and their customer service is terrific!