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Easy Wireless Free Government Cell Phones

Easy Wireless is considered to be one of the best providers of free government phones. Are you in search of a company that shows commitment especially in providing subsidized, reliable, and affordable cellular phone services? Well, your search will stop most especially if you have already found Easy Wireless wherein this is a division of the Easy Telephone Services Company. This is considered as the leading provider of Pay As You Go plans and Lifeline services, and currently, their reliable services has been provided in Kentucky and Oklahoma.

The company has been incorporated in the year 1999 and right after its incorporation, it has started to provide the customers with affordable and no contract phone services. The agents of Easy Wireless are always ready to assist and provide their customers with excellent service. There are lots of other companies that can also offer you similar products, however the main reason why you need to choose Easy Wireless is they have the capability to make a difference, which, in its turn, makes them stand out.

Why choose Easy Wireless?

As mentioned above, this company has the capability to make a difference. You will probably be wondering how Easy Wireless can do such thing, right. Well, they are able to make a difference through providing the steadfast nationwide network with high quality wireless services. Through their outstanding Easy Wireless customer service, all their customers are able to enjoy such peace of mind since they know that in todays’ fast paced society, they will remain connected.

The main concern or priority of Easy Wireless is their customer and so for this, they are demonstrating it through providing their customers with feature rich and high quality government phone totally free. But of course, their service does not only stop on demonstrating it because those customers who are qualified for the Lifeline services, which is then offered by the company, can also benefit from their premium service package that includes generous supply of texting, voice minutes, call waiting, caller ID, data and voice mail. The specific features of this are dependent upon the customer’s state of residence or equipment issued during the enrollment time.

What are the Easy Wireless Plans?

Easy Wireless is also providing plans for the Pay As You Go and Lifeline cell phone services. You just have to choose the plan that will fit in to your lifestyle. If you are qualified, you will also be allowed to apply for the Lifeline discount so that your monthly phone services will only range for as low as 1 dollar or even for free. Some of the offered plans that you can truly enjoy include the following:

  • Low cost or free phones
  • no contracts
  • premium phone financing options
  • premium phone upgrades
  • lifeline subsidy options
  • no hassle
  • retail options
  • no commitments
  • family plans

If you want to enjoy the cell phone services and plans offered by Easy Wireless, feel free to enroll. The process of enrolling is very easy, you just have to click on the state of residence where you belong and you can now start the online application process. There are several questions that you need to answer so that your eligibility will be determined easily.

For more information on Easy Wireless, please, review the official website at or contact the company by dialing the toll-free number 1 855 574 2036