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StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless Free Phone Program

Get free monthly minutes and texts along with a free phone or a smartphone from government from enrolling in StandUp Wireless Lifeline assistance program.

StandUP Wireless is referred to as government supported wireless services which are provided by the Global Connection Inc. of America. This company is operating under the Public Utility Commission’s authority and they are offering discounted and affordable wireless services especially to the low-income and qualified subscribers. In order for you to be qualified with the discounted service provided by the StandUp Wireless Lifeline Program, it is very important that you are able to comply with the eligibility requirements.

StandUp Wireless

Lifeline is known as a government benefit program through which it is providing discounts especially on the monthly telephone service for the qualified low-income subscribers. The purpose of this program is to help them in ensuring that they will stay connected to the communications networks of the nation, access health care, find jobs, connect with other families and children in school, and emergency calls. This is also supported by the USF or Universal Service Fund. You need to make a call with StandUp Wireless phone at least once in 60 days as this will enable you to avoid the termination of the services and you will not undergo the de-enrolment process. It is recommended that you make use of your phone at least once every month.

What are the benefits of StandUp Wireless Lifeline Program?

Lifeline is providing discounts on the monthly telephone service offered by the company, both wireless and wireline, especially to the eligible subscribers. Every month, you will be able to get a discount of about $9.25. The federal rules are prohibiting the eligible low-income users to receive more than 1 lifeline service for every household. And also with this, the subscribers with lower income can receive the Lifetime discount whether they are using the wireless or wireline service however there is a chance that they might not receive the discount on these two services in similar time.

In addition to this, there should only be 1 Lifeline service that can be obtained by every household. The household referred to this are the individuals or even group of persons who are living together in the same address ad they belong into 1 economic unit. The economic unit is known as the “all adult individuals contributing t and sharing in the income and expenses of a household”. On the contrary, the Lifeline support is only made available only for the subscribers with lower income who are living in the group living facilities. The StandUp Wireless applicants can prove it if they have initially enrolled in the program wherein it will show that some of the recipients of the Lifeline program living in the residential address are separate of the household by means of accomplishing the one-per-household worksheet provided.

Since the mission of StandUp Wireless is to make sure that their cell phone services will be available to anyone who needs them, their concern is not focused on your ability to pay such service. All the customers of the StandUp Wireless company will receive wireless service every month for free. All eligible applicants receive a free smartphone, 500 minutes, unlimited text, 1GB data every month (exceptions are California and Nebraska). For more information on StandUp Wireless phones, plans, as well as terms and conditions, please, refer to