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Choose Total Call Mobile and receive free government phone service including a free phone (selected by Total Call Mobile) and one of the cheap minute plans. Other prepaid and contract plans are available, too.

Most people nowadays have their own cellular phones. Some even owns the latest and the most expensive brand of phone. Cellphones can be used in capturing sceneries, playing music or videos, but the main purpose why it is created is for texting and calling. In order for you to make a text or call, you obviously need to have a gadget.

Total Call Mobile Lifeline program is a program that is supported by the government that offers free service in the form of mobile phones. The individuals who can use this service are the people who are financially unstable and do not have any lifeline plan with the other similar company. If you are qualified to get the service, you can choose from their different plans. They are the following:

  • Their first plan is the anytime plan, it only cost 10 cents per domestic minute and 5 cents per text message worldwide and expires 30 days and 60 days respectively after the last refill.
  • The second plan that the total call mobile is offering is the 1000 talk and 1000 text, it includes 1000 domestic calling and 1000 texting messages worldwide.
  • Another one is the unlimited talk plan that offers unlimited domestic calling and the unlimited talk and text plan, which offers unlimited domestic calls and worldwide texts.
  • The last plan is the unlimited talk, text and data, it offers unlimited domestic call and data and unlimited worldwide texts.

All of the mentioned Total Call Mobile plans can be refilled with top up cards (either pouring money into account, or texts/minutes), which can be bought online at

If you want to apply for a free phone from Total Call Mobile, you should submit the needed application or you can call 1-800-661-7391, and the advisor of the Total Call Mobile customer service will be the one who will assist you in applying for the plan. After you have successfully subscribed for the service, it means that you agree with the terms and conditions. You will need an account and passwords for the company to monitor you easily and you are the one who are liable for maintaining the security of your account and passwords. Besides, you are also the one who is responsible for all activities that can occur within your account. So you better be careful in securing your passwords and account to avoid any unexpected instances that may occur because the Total Call Mobile company is not liable for any loss that might happen because of not securing properly your accounts.

The services offered by the Total Call Mobile provider are really one of the best options for all people with low incomes, most especially, for the people whose income is too low to afford expensive mobile phone services and the latest new smart phones.

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Mary Ward

Can you bring your own phone and do you supply coverage in kenova west Virginia please reply I have an LG phone but I can’t afford and phone cards on it must brother gave me the phone and I want yo use it please reply back