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True Wireless Free Government Cell Phones

True Wireless provides a government-funded program called Lifeline for phone users who are limited by their income and can’t afford to purchase a cell phone. It helps low income families by providing discounts or free phone service as well as the phone itself so they can find jobs, communicate with their children’s schools and make important calls. The Lifeline program is paid for by the federal Universal Service Fund. It’s meant to provide services to low-income members.

True Wireless Eligibility – Enrollment Criteria

Low-income households that receive state health insurance, public housing assistance, the national lunch program, Head Start or Supplemental Security Income are eligible for the Lifeline program. Their income must be at or below the national poverty guidelines.

How to Apply for a True Wireless Plan

If your family is receiving any of the listed benefits above or other benefits based on low income, you are most likely eligible for the program. True Wireless administers the program for Arkansas, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Maryland and Texas. The Universal Service Administration Company has pre-screening software that will help you determine if you are eligible for the program. Once you’ve applied for the Lifeline Program, you can head over to the True Wireless website ( to apply for a phone as well as service.

Available True Wireless Plans

Arkansas, Rhode Island, Maryland and Texas
Free Service for the Lifeline Program

With the free service, you will receive a new, free phone, 250 minutes of phone service and 5 MB of data service. Text messages will cost one voice minute whether they are sent or received. Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month, and users must make one call or text per 60 days of service.


For $5 per month, you can receive a brand-new phone, 1000 voice minutes and 50 MB of data service. It comes with caller ID, 3-way calling and call forwarding. The minutes do not roll over if they’re unused each month.


The next plan under the Lifelink program costs $25 and has unlimited talk and text along with 250 MB of data. It has caller ID, call forwarding and 3-way calling. With 250 MB of data service, customers can visit approximately 50 web pages per day.


This plan caters to people who are cruising social media and the web frequently during the day. It comes with unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of data. This plan includes a free phone too.


True Wireless Lifeline Service Program

Residents of Oklahoma receive a free Android True Wireless Smartphone, 1750 minutes of voice, 2000 text messages and 5 MB of data for $1. The plan has caller ID, 3-way calling and call forwarding too. Minutes that are not used each month do not roll over to the next month.

The casual plan offers unlimited talk with its free Android smartphone. It comes with 2000 text messages and 250 MB of data service for $5 per month.

At $10 per month, customers in the Lifeline program can get unlimited talk, 4,000 text messages and 500 MB of data. The plan comes with caller ID, call forwarding and 3-way calling.

This plan is for customers who surf the web constantly. It comes with one of free Android True Wireless smartphones, 4,000 text messages, unlimited talk and 1 GB of data. It costs $20 per month.