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YourTel Wireless Free Cell Phones Service

YourTel Wireless is now TerraCom Wireless
YourTel Wireless provides eligible subscribers with a free Lifeline government assistance cell phone and free monthly minutes, and is available for residents of Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Missouri, Maine, Kansas, and Rhode Island.

Are you one of those people who usually spend big percentage of load in making calls and text messages to their loved ones, co-workers or friends and wishes to spend only small amount of money but doesn’t know how to do it? Looking for a company that is offering free cell phones service is one of the best way to minimize your expenses in load you are consuming without lessening the number of texts and minutes of calls you are making. There are lots of companies that are offering free cell phones service, and YourTel Wireless is one of those considered the best.

YourTel Wireless provides cell phone service to make every consumer become part of the Lifeline aid program. Lifeline is planned to help people experiencing financial poverty and wishing to stay attached and connected to their family members by the means of a cell phone. This will allow them to have effective means of communication when there is an emergency, too. The wireless company provides the customers with free cellular phone including a free allotment of text messages and minutes for phone calls every month. But not all the people who are financially unstable can enroll for the service.

The service of the YourTel Wireless company is free to qualified customers and also includes free mobile cell phone and a fixed number of calls and text messages every month. There are also no long-term contracts, monthly bills, recurring fees, activation fees or surcharges for the customers. Once the customers are approved to get a lifeline advantage with YourTel Wireless, the service is good for a fixed date. Then after the fixed date, you need to confirm your suitability for the program to continue the service. When you sign the needed application, it only means that you are qualified for the service of YourTel Wireless. Also, when you don’t respond in the last response date during the process or when the company has figured out that you are no longer eligible, the company will stop providing its service to you. You must also use your phone routinely to continue getting your lifeline monthly credit.

The accounts with less number of usages can be removed from the lifeline program. So it is the responsibility of the user to inform the company immediately when they know that they are no longer qualified for the service offered. There are also restrictions when it comes to using your service. One of them is that only one landline or wireless benefit is permitted per household, the account you are using must be in the property of a qualified customer and the service offered is not transferable to anyone.

YourTel Wireless company can really be one of the companies that can offer you a free cell phone. You will be able to enjoy every messages and calls you will make and you can also choose what phone you will be using during the service without worrying of the possible expenses.