Assurance Wireless Lifeline Assistance Program

Contact Assurance Wireless assistance service (via phone number, email or online) and apply to get a free government cell phone along with 250 free minutes and 250 free texts each month with an ability to switch to other monthly plans. Read the following information and find out if you are eligible for this kind of federal assistance to apply right away!

About the company.

Assurance Wireless, being one of the government Lifeline Assistance programs, is a part of Virgin Mobile and is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. Since it is managed by a large commercial cell phone service provider, it gives a distinguishing coverage across the States and spread fast among the eligible customers.

You can read more about Assurance Wireless company by the following link:

Eligibility for the program.

Not every U.S. citizen can benefit from the free government cell phone providing program. It is opened to a targeted audience defined by the determined national and/or state eligibility requirements. Typical applicant is the one with a household income within a specific range. Usually, people receiving other forms of authorities’ support such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are eligible for a free phone for the government. Lifeline itself strictly restricts a number of account per one household: no more than one regular line or wireless account may be opened. The service is also available to U.S. citizens with temporary home addresses.

Ready to apply? Our next guide provides details on how to enroll in Assurance Wireless by submitting the official application, online or in paper:

Assurance Wireless Phones

Assurance Wireless phones are available under government support program to all who qualify
for the assistance. Usually, depending on the state a person resides in, the criteria for getting a free government cell phone from Assurance Wireless phone include participation in one or more assistance program such as Food stamps, supplemental security income, Medicaid, and others.

Every of Assurance Wireless phones is a free prepaid device with 350 airtime minutes per month. A subscriber can pay for additional minutes, international calls and text messages additionally. To add more money on the phone, one needs to buy an airtime card or do it online.

assurance wireless phone
No annual contract, no activation fees, national-wide coverage, voice mail and excellent customer care features are all included with Assurance Wireless phones.

Getting an Assurance Wireless Phone

For all those who wish to get a fully operational cell phone with preloaded airtime, the first step is always the same: they have to fill out the application which can be easily downloaded from website. It would be wise to review the eligibility requirements along with terms and conditions of service before applying and taking any further actions, for it could save some time.

The widespread problem that arises when an individual gets familiar with the criteria for being eligible is the fact that the specific free government cell phone assistance program might not be provided to the inhabitants of the particular USA states. In the case like this, there is no need for one to get disappointed for there are for sure other free phone assistance programs available in this particular part of the country.

When a customer complies with all the requirements set towards the potential receivers and completes the Assurance Wireless application form, it should not take long for the provider to review it after submission and reply to the applicant. Once reviewed and approved by Assurance Wireless, it usually takes a few days to receive a free phone. The deal with this provider is even better because the prepaid cell phone plan from Assurance Wireless comes with free 250 minutes of airtime every month. These wireless voice minutes can be used for local, national as wells as long-distance calls.  If a customer wants to get more minutes to the free government cell phone, it can be done through the website. Usually, this additional air-time does not cost more than a few bucks for a bunch of minutes.

What Kind of Phones are Available as Assurance Wireless Phones

The headset which people get now when becoming customers of this provider is Kyocera Jax. It is a pretty simple cellular phone which is perfect for low-income individuals and households receiving financial assistance; unemployed people who look for a job; people whose income is close to the poverty line.

The cell phone has the text, and instant messages feature that comes at the additional charge, a speakerphone, call waiting, caller ID determination, and excellent customer care in English and Spanish.
To get Assurance Wireless cell phone or smartphones, fill in the application.

Top benefits of a free phone from Assurance Wireless.

  1. Ability to change phone plans. There several plans open for the customers of the program. Just by adding $5 per month to your account you can double the number of voice minutes and text messages (total 500 of each). Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan costs $30 and is the best choice if you are an owner of an Assurance Wireless smartphone.
  2. Different models of free cell phones. The model can be picked upon applying online and changed later. It is worth mentioning that your service account cannot work with and iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone. Let’s hope that soon there will be more options open for Assurance Wireless smart phones.
  3. Easy top-up. You can add more money to your account to enjoy more services, including international calls. The company has made it convenient: you can do it with your credit/debit card, PayPal account or any Virgin mobile Top-up card sold at thousands of locations across the country.

How to Top-Up Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless top up can be done through several tools and is used to pay for additional services for all those who have Assurance Wireless free government cell phone. Initially, there is always 350 airtime voice minutes and unlimited messages to send domestically (internet messaging, email, and text). Every month all subscribers receive these packages free. In the case when there are no minutes left or if a person wants to get more other offers, Assurance Wireless top up is the first step to get it.

Depending on the offer, there is a different amount of services provided for extra topping up. For $5 a user gets 250 additional voice minutes and 250 messages. The unlimited talks and messaging will cost $30.

There are two ways to get Assurance Wireless top up. The first one is doing so through PayPal.

Assurance Wireless Top Up

Therefore, in this case, a subscriber will need to register an account with PayPal and use debit or credit card to input money into the Assurance Wireless account. There are some bottom and upper limits to the amount of money for topping up through this way. The advantage of this tool is that it is possible to set the auto top-up to make the payments regular with no need to do it manually every time. The second method is filling the money by buying Virgin Mobile Top-up cards of different value. These are available in thousands of various retail locations.

Questions? Best ways to reach Assurance’s customer service.

Assurance Wireless Phone Number is 888-898-4888. This number answers with a menu which is repeated several times. To speak to the operator on any issue of concern wait for the “0” option offered and then press this button. The number works on the 24/7 basis. The operators can be usually reached within 7-8 minutes. All the help inquiries can also be made through another support number which is 1-888-321-5880.

This free government cell phone service provider can also be reached online at the office web page which is Visiting this site anyone get more information on the provider and its services, check personal eligibility, apply online, and use other tools. At present, the company’s website does not support live chat for customer support.

Assurance Wireless customer service also accepts emails. Write a question or complaint to the official support’s email address: [email protected] Usually, the company’s staff answer within a few hours time.

You can also send a mail to the company. It’s regular mail address is AssuranceWireless, P.O. Box 686, Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA.

Important Notice: There may be more free government cell phones service providers operating in your state – find more information here.

Coverage and Quality (3.25 / 8)
Plan Features (3.63 / 8)
Provided Device (2.5 / 8)
Help and Support (2.5 / 8)
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Julia Lynn Volkman

I have an Assurance Wireless phone, I receive SSDI, why can’t my son whom I support, get one too?

Julia Lynn Volkman

I have an Assurance Wireless phone, which I have no idea when I’m going to get new minutes? Why can’t I get one for my son, whom lives with me, I TOTALLY support him. I live on SSDI of $1048. and my rent is $645., JEA, $200. Please help me understand this?

jeanette e taliaferro

I would love to on an free cell phone for emergency use, to call my family without a problem.

Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :


Free Cell Phones and Smartphones

It depends on the plan. For Facebook, Youtube, etc. you need data, not minutes. We would recommend to call Assurance Wireless directly and ask about your account, what’s included. We are sure they will be able to help: 1-888-321-5880 (US toll free)

Free Cell Phones and Smartphones

Unfortunately, only one Lifeline cell phone is available per household. The rules are set by the Government.
A household is everyone who lives together at your address as one economic unit (including children and people who are not related to you).


how can i get a phone without ordering over the internet

darlene a bean

How much does this service cost to add data or does it come with provided data each month?

James Lawler

Are there only robots at assurance? I had a phone at one time but cancelled it because I had lifeline on my land line. I no longer have lifeline on my home phone and want to get the gov. phone back After trying for three years I still can’t get one because some dummy didn’t cancel me out. They say I’m not in the system ; can anyone give me a phone number where I can talk to a human being? Jim L.

Angelisa Deitz

I ordered a replacement phone, I had to pay for.. went to shop hones on this site, and now the phone is not compatible, and after 3 weeks of trying to activate, is not going to work… I want a compatible assurance phone sent to me . I have been on customer service calls, and the websites now for three weeks with no solution or real help. I would like a call if possible so this can be remedied soon. My 30 days of non use are going to cut me off the program. Thank You, Angelisa



pat wilmoth

how does onw add a wifi service to an assurance phone? Does it require a special router?

Betty McCaman
Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :

I’ve had 3 phns from them and the battery keeps over heating and frying it. Now it won’t charge. I’ve had nothing but problems this year with them.I HV no understanding,I think it’s just this year’s phones. Sincerely Betty McCaman

Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :

Service coverage is very good and plan features are quite good. That being said the phone provided is absolute GARBAGE!!! It’s loaded with bloatware that is a pain in the arse to deactivate and believe me you must turn off all the crap they so sadisticly installed just to make the phone halfway usable. The phone is so sluggish you need to wait for it to register your keystrokes. When you use for Pete’s sake don’t hold it near your chin cause that will register keystrokes! It is just an awful, awful piece of junk! I can’t emphasize this enough!… Read more »

Kenneth Sterling
Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :

Rarely need service. When I do, it is relatively easy to talk with a real person. Questions are quickly and courteously answered,

Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :

Very Good! Sprint/T-Mobile 4GLTE network. Phones have some memory and very little adware or bloatware. 350 minutes talk, unlimited texting, 3gb data every month. Extra 250 minutes is 5.00. Gets the job done and near no BS from the provider.

Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :

Assurance smartphones (Unimax) are unbelievably slow and stupid, and make calls all on their own when they’re just sitting on a table! Maybe the plan is good, but if I rarely get more than 2 bars at home in the city, the phone only works sporadically between bursts of ads, or keeps calling people I don’t mean to talk to, the plan doesn’t matter. Help and support is tremendously time-consuming and often unhelpful. If you have a better choice, avoid Assurance.

michael embree
Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :


Coverage and Quality :
Plan Features :
Provided Device :
Help and Support :

Horrible. I have been waiting on my phone since December. Every excuse is someone else’s fault not theirs. When I call the other place everything is fine. Done with them going somewhere else