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There are not many things one can get with no charge and at no cost but Free Government Cell Phones are among these things. In these tough days, it’s great that there is such an opportunity. For many American citizens it is crucial not only to receive assistance in the form of tax returns, food stamps, Medicaid, etc. Now, when life relies so much on different technological advances, it is almost necessary to have a cellular phone to be a self-sufficient member of a society. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of these sometimes even life-changing free government cell phones.

Staying in touch. How often do we miss opportunities simply because we are out of reach when someone wants to contact? Rescheduled doctor appointments or meetings with friends, news from family members and calls from prospective employers for those who are in a search of job, medical emergencies, etc. all are the things important to us. Having a free cell phone from a government will solve this problem ones and forever.


  • Paying nothing. Different providers that support free cell phones government program will take care of the costs for a simple cellular gadget with free airtime minutes given monthly. Other services may be included as well. Basically, you get a fully-operational cell phone with basic functions which can be used for local and domestic phoning, sending text messages, etc. Free government cell phones also can have other features depending on a provider.
  • Availability and coverage. To get enroll in one of the programs that offer free government cell phones it is necessary to be a resident of a specific state and receive other types of assistance. There different qualification criteria for receiving this help. Still, most of the states offer a free government cell phone under one program or another.

About Free Government Cell Phones

The program for government free cell phones has been around for several years already. This assistance is carried out actually by LifeLine phone service program. From the mid 1990s, many families and individuals in theUSAwith low income were receiving subsidies for fixed phone services or did not pay for theses services at all. During the Bush and Obama administrations time, the program started to offer free cell phones from the government instead of regular ones. Sometimes, any of these devices is called “Obama’s” phone.Free Government Cell Phones

At the moment, there are over 13 millions of US citizens who suffer financial disadvantages and are enrolled in this program. However, the number of people who qualify for it is much greater, and, to start using the provider’s services one needs to check one’s qualification information.

Features of Free Government Cell Phones

Any of the free government phones is ready to be activated upon receiving by a subscriber. Even though, the actual phone is free, it does not mean at all that a subscriber get an old and out-of-time model. Most of the devices are new and absolutely functional. A network and coverage of every gadget is provided the biggest companies in the market. Of course, top-notch models are not available as free government cell phones under Lifeline program; still, a modern phone will have most of the features needed for convenient communication.

At the same time, many providers under this program offer a chance to upgrade a phone for a little charge. Some have several dozens of models available by upgrading. And these cellphones have more features and much greater efficiency. Therefore, for a little extra you can get one of free government smartphones with the same plan.

The standard features of free government cell phones include voice mail, call waiting, caller ID and text messaging. There are more additional functions available but for those there is an additional charge. The most common number of minutes that providers give with the free plan on free government cell phones is usually not greater than tow hundred fifty. However, you should know that additional airtime is really not that expensive. In case 250 talk minutes is not enough for you it is easy to order some more. As a common thing, there are different package deals on these additional services. For example, one can get 250 minutes and 250 messages paying a little extra. The messages usually cover various kinds like texts, IMs and emails.

As a rule, the network coverage for free government cell phones is nationwide. Every provider has a full coverage map on its Internet site and the area where the service is available gradually increases. If today you do not see your city or town on coverage map, it can appear there tomorrow.

How to Get a Free Government Cell Phone

1. Choose a provider

There are several programs for free government cell phones. The most popular and wide-spread are Safelink Wireless brought by the prepaid cell phone carrier called Tracfone; Reachout Wireless given by Nexus communication company, and Assurance Wireless which has Nextel/Sprint Virgin wireless behind. These are just the major companies for free government cell phones. They have various plans and the greatest number of cellular phones to choose from. There are many smaller companies in this field, and their number increases all the time. You can check out different providers under the “Providers” category at the top of this page. Also, you may use our free online tool to find lifeline providers near your location searching by a ZIP Code or list all of the companies operating in your state: Free Phones Near Me.

2. Lean about services

Before taking the actual steps in an enrollment process try to find out about the services you are about to start using. As mentioned previously, there are many different plans. Naturally, since all the companies are parts of Lifeline program, they have many similarities. On the other hand, there are different things as well. Sometimes, it is a number of free monthly minutes, the other time it is a model of a phone. It is definitely worth of spending time on and it will pay off in future.

3. Check for qualification

Not everyone can receive and use one of free government cell phones. Since the program is originally meant for those who are in need, there are some requirements and rules as for enrollment in it. Usually, a person qualifies for participation is one is enrolled in other assistance programs already or receives a low (set by a specific number) income. The rules of the providing carriers also specify that there can not be more than one free cell phone from the government per household.

4. Fill in the application.

It is the main step in getting this kind of state assistance. There are several ways in which the application for enrollment in government free cell phones program can be obtained and submitted. The simplest one is to download the application form from the official web site, fill it in with the necessary information and send it back by email. Also, it can be faxed to a company’s number. Some companies have local offices and the application can be filled in there.

5. Learn the decision on application and start using the service.

If you qualify for being one of the users of free government cell phones, the decision on application is taken very fast. In a few days, the phone is mailed to you and it is ready to be used after the activation which can be done online.

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Now that Ive read of all the prerequisites to get a phone, not once but 3 times, still remain to see WHERE I am to “enroll”, or where the “application” even IS! would someone be so kind as to tell me WHERE to apply??? A link for THE PAGE, would be great

Free Cell Phones and Smartphones

Hello Laurie, you will have to contact the company of your choice directly: through their website or calling their support. The following page can help you to find contacts of such companies at your location: Our website provides general information and reviews, but does not offer cell phones through Lifeline assistance.


I’m looking to purchase a 4G Model U683CL. I have a free phone but want to upgrade. Is this one compatible for the free service? Assurance sent me one but because it was free there was too many ads to go through.