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Lifeline by Cellular One is a free cell phone service offered through a partnership with the Lifeline program of United States government. The service is available to the low-income residents of tribal lands in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico and it offers a free cell phone as well local air minutes for both calling and texting. For almost 30 years, the Lifeline program has provided millions of low-income families with basic phone service, but the service is restricted to one line per household. The Lifeline program offers a free government phone, local call minutes and text to help you keep in touch with family, friends and employers. In addition, Cellular One offers optional step up plans.

The FREE4Life plan includes a $30 gift card plus a free smartphone featuring WiFi, camera and video on an Android platform. The cell phone, an Unnecto Drone XT is a smartphone which weighs only 100 grams and has a 3.5 inch display. This sweet little phone handles up to 3.5 gigabytes of memory and boasts an FM radio. The same restrictions apply for the FREE4Life plan as the basic Lifeline phone service, but under the federal Link Up program, a discount is offered for the FREE4Life plan which covers the cost of activation. The phones are available to all low-income families or those who meet the benefits requirements called for in the Lifeline plan also, residency on tribal lands in states of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico is required.

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The FreedomFone is another great plan available under the Cellular One Lifeline program. The plan offers 600 local anytime network minutes and 1000 texts plus a $20 gift card. It is only available to qualified individuals and families who live on tribal lands in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Applicants must be 18 years of age, low-income and/or receive benefits from approved services.

Successful low-income applicants eligible for Cellular One’s free service enrollment are those living on tribal lands or receiving certain federal and state government benefits; these benefits vary state by state but several basic programs cover all three states. These benefits include, SNAP benefits, public housing, Headstart, LIHEAP, medicaid, Navajo Nation Program for Self Reliance, National School Free Lunch Program, and SSI. Proof of income, address and state or federal ID is required, and an EBT card is also proof of your qualifications at meeting benefit requirements.

In Arizona, additional services and benefits meeting the Lifeline requirements are Arizona Tribal General Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Tribal Food Distribution Program and the Kids Care program.


Additional benefit programs in New Mexico are Tribal General Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Tribal Food Distribution Program.

In Utah, eligible benefit programs include Refugee Assistance, Tribal General Assistance, Work Toward Employment, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Home Electric Lifeline Program and the Tribal Food Distribution Program.

Roaming, toll, long distance and international calls and texting are charged in addition to other free services provided by the individual plans within Cellular One terms and conditions. Visit the Cellular One Lifeline (www.cellularoneonline.com) website for additional information.

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