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TAG Mobile is proud to offer the government funded Lifeline program to those who qualify. It is a cellular phone company that offers competitive plans in Dallas, TX. Tag Lifeline services allow those who typically wouldn’t be able to afford to have a cell phone the chance to have one at no cost. This program is income based and is only offered in select areas. Tag Mobile is doing everything it can to ensure that more people in diverse areas can have this much needed coverage. With these cell phones, you can have access to emergency services and community resources at the touch of a button.

Having a method in which to communicate is vital to even the elderly. It allows you to be able to schedule both business and social services and be in touch with friends and family. The company began this program in 2011, and have been helping others to pioneer this program to those who have a need. Reaching out to the communities across America, Tag Mobile has helped improve lives one at a time.

Best of all, you get a free cellular phone that has internet capabilities and can text. These are nice Tag Mobile cell phones that have caller ID and voicemail services already built-in. This is just another added benefit to this program. With a pre-set amount of monthly minutes, it’s easy to track and make sure you don’t go over your allotment. If you want more minutes, you can purchase those too by adding a credit or debit card to your account.

To apply for the program through Tag Mobile is easy. Simply go to the website at www.tagmobile.com and click on the “Lifeline” button. Then proceed to the sub heading that says sign-up area. Here you will be asked for your zip code. If the provider serves your area, it will tell you what services your state offers. Some states offer more minutes than the allotment of 250, like California. The program will give you the specifics when you enter your zip code. On the right side of the screen it will give you a list of locations in your area that deal with our service. Simply go to the location with proof of income and a photo id. If it doesn’t have service in your area, the screen will alert you too.

You get a free phone and at least 250 minutes of cell phone time. To qualify you have to be at 150% of the poverty rate. Households that receive Section 8, WIC, Food stamps or Medicaid can also qualify. Be sure to bring along this documentation with you to the appointment. Tag Mobile coverage is nationwide, which means you won’t be left in the cold. Whether you need to keep up with friends and loved ones or you must need a phone to schedule doctor’s appointments, it has you covered.

This free program by Tag Mobile is life changing for most. Having a phone is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity.

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Sign up for TAG Mobile Free government lifeline cell phone: https://www.tagmobile.com


You can sign up for TAG mobile Free Lifeline Service. https://www.tagmobile.com

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Dont use tag. I lost phone had to get new sim tag charged my card never sent sim. I bought phone yet they still had me open for over a year collecting from govt finally canceled after paying for my own service for a year and my $10 for sim card i never got


R. Tatum
Help and Support :

Horrible customer service. I was approved & sent an email confirming approval without a phone number (that’s supposed to be provided). I called customer service for weeks without reaching an attendant… When I finally got someone on the line, they told me my account had been canceled… I never received an email confirming cancelation but received all notifications about every other transaction/step….very suspicious & sketchy indeed! I urge you not to waist your time with this company. They shouldn’t be in business.