Get Cricket Wireless Internet and Broadband

Cricket Wireless internet broadband services are available across the US in the locations where its current coverage is present. The provider, which has many prepaid cell phone plans, also offers several broadband access plans for Internet users with the speed of up to 1,4 Mbps. The simplest Cricket Wireless internet is represented by a $45/month plan, which is ideal for email, social media, web browsing, internet messaging, chatting, etc. This gives a chance to stay online without spending unreasonable amount of money.

There are two more plans costing $55 and $65 respectfully. Having the same Cricket Wireless broadband speed, they allow the subscribers to do more. With these, it is easy to enjoy online music, video and gaming. The most expensive, premium plan can be used for multiple devices access. This option is good to consider for both, home and office usage.

The simplest way to start using Cricket Wireless internet is to sign up online at the official website. Here it is easy to check coverage, choose a plan and pick a broadband modem.

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