Reachout Wireless Cell Phone Service

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
One the wireless service supported by the government is Reachout Wireless, provided by a company called Nexus Communications, Inc. It is a special service provider assisted by the government of the United States of America and is specially introduced to make it possible for the individuals and families, the residents of the US to be assisted with discounted cell phone services instead of getting conventional old wire technology phone.

Who Can Use Reachout Wireless? 

As with many other state-sponsored things and programs, in order to use the benefits of discounted mobile services with Reach out Wireless,  there are some pre-set criteria of eligibility for all the applicants. One of them requires the applicant, an individual or a household, to receive an official income which is equal to or is below the amount of the federal level of poverty. However, this is not the only financial requirement for the eligibility. Different states may put forward other standards concerning the subscribers. Therefore, in order to learn the chances of receiving the possibility of becoming a subscriber of Reachout Mobile plan, one should check the directives per specific states.

 Besides, there is also a limit on the amount of subscriptions One US-based household or a person can not have more than one subscription. Also, this plan can not be combined with other assistance offers such as Link-up and Lifeline. Naturally, if a person is already subscribed to either one of those, the only way to receive a Reachout phone is to quit the old service.

 Lifeline Support through Reachout Wireless Minutes

Reachout Wireless

 A great way to lower the telephone service costs is to receive Lifeline support. There is a different value to this form of subsidy, and, naturally, it depends on the state. It is in all the states, that a discount of this type may be obtained for a wireless or wireline connection, still, it is available for every household only ones. The typical amount of this financial support ranges between approximately $6 and $10 depending on state. The subscribers of Reachout Wireless are provided with Lifeline subsidy which is converted to free minutes monthly. The amount of free minutes varies. 

 Link Up Support for Subscribers

A consumer has a great opportunity to receive more financial help in getting a phone service through another convenient tool called the Link up support. This mechanism of assistantship is given once to reduce the costs of starting the telephone service. It needs to be taken into account that this help is provided only one time and per one household. It is not possible to get this discount on consecutive basis for the same physical address. 

Prepaid Cell Phone Service from Reachout

The company makes it possible for anyone to use its nationwide coverage services without a need to sign any contract and no credit check. Non-lifeline Reachout Wireless service is easy to get and to use. The cell phones for the usage can be bought really cheap on the website of the company and Airtime cards are available at multiple locations nationwide. 

Technical Side of the Service

When subscribing to the government assisted cell phone plan with Reach out Wireless, a consumer may be provided with a handset for the usages with this service. There are both refurbished and new phones and handsets available, and the chance of getting the either one is based on its availability. These Reachout Wireless free cell phones may be used along with other handsets which can be bought from the company for an additional fee. The latter usually  come with additional advanced capabilities and features, making the use of service more convenient and fun. 

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