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How To Get Reachout Wireless Smartphones Free

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
Along with regular cell phones, Reachout Wireless smartphones are offered for both, government assisted lifeline services of this provider and non-governmental conventional prepaid cell phone plans. smartphones can be chosen by any subscriber in the section of Simple Plan during online enrolling process. The existing customers have a chance to update their cell phones to smart phones through the same website, too.

Features of Reachout Wireless smartphones

Does Reachout Wireless have smartphones of the latest models? Yes. The number of models is not very big though. Still, the variety includes the latest models of the popular brands, including Apple iPhone 4, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 2, LG Vortex VS660, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Devour, and many others. In order to get these smartphones, it is needed to pay extra fee. Only the simplest prepaid cell phones are available for free in different subscription plans of Reachout Wireless.

Reachout Wireless Smartphones

All the smartphones of Reachout Wireless go with typical phoning features given by the provider.

  • International long distance. It is possible to dial more than 100 countries directly from a Reachout Wireless smartphone. The charge is around $1.50 per minute, though there are some exceptions described in terms and conditions.
  • 3-way calling. Use you handset to have a three-person conversation. It does not matter if the people you talk to through 3-way calling have the same service provider, as long as theirs support this feature. Basically, the charges are the same as for making two calls.
  • Call forwarding. Any other domestic number can be assigned by you to receive forwarded calls from your Reachout Wireless smartphone. If this feature is activated, the smartphone itseld will not ring when called. The price of this feature is equal to the one of inbound calls.
  • Select text messaging. Through this feature, any customer can send and receive short text message to and from the other cell phones supporting the function. The total length of one text has a limit of 160 characters.
  • Voice mail. This option is an answering machine. There is no additional charge for it, since its costs are included in per-minute rate.
  • Called ID. This is a no additional charge feature, as well. You will be shown a caller ID of the person who calls you.
  • Call waiting. There will be an alert to your Reachout Wireless smartphones when there is a third party trying to reach during an active call.

About Reachout Wireless

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
ReachOut wireless is an initiative of Nexus Communications Inc. wherein the company has joined forces with the government of the United States of America to provide the nation’s economically challenged families with a free phone and free talk time. Lifeline is the program under which initiatives like ReachOut wireless are clubbed together.

What Is ReachOut Wireless?

ReachOut Wireless is a service provided by Nexus Communications Inc. that aims to replace older modes of communication like landlines with cellular phones in the homes of those who are identified to fall in the brackets of poverty as defined by a state. ReachOut Wireless brings a medium of communication into households that would otherwise be facing further challenges in equality of opportunity for lack of communication lines.

ReachOut wireless is a services that is available in premier states across USA, including Los Angeles, Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, West Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Maryland, Rhode Island, Nevada, Maine, Iowa and California. The finer details regarding obtaining ReachOut wireless services differ from state to state, but the generic prerequisites remain unchanged.

ReachOut wireless is a part of the Lifeline program, which in turn is a subset of Universal Service Fund (USF). This is a program that was designed specifically to ensure that high quality telecommunications infrastructure and services were available to low income subscribers in a day and age where every important event requires telephonic communication. ReachOut wireless, as a part of Lifeline, offers stunning discounts on the cellular phones and other services that together make a mobile phone affordable to millions across USA.

ReachOut wireless is funded not by the tax collected from the citizens of the country, but by generous contributions made by telecommunication carriers and a wide range of interstate telecommunications services.

Eligibility for ReachOut Wireless

ReachOut Wireless is readily available to the deserving, and since the objective of the program is to bring as many households as possible under the purview of this superior service, ReachOut wireless applications tend to be highly specific and adamant about the pre-requisites for being granted the service. A ReachOut wireless applicant must be recognized as poor according to the specifications of the definition by the state he / she lives. You are advised to recheck you’re the financial requirements before applying for ReachOut wireless.

ReachOut wireless services are extended to those without any other Lifeline services awarded to any member in the family. ReachOut wireless, like most other Lifeline service providers, restricts its services to one individual per household. A household is identified is identified as a single economic unit, and refers to all those members sharing the same address for considerable amount of time. Only one free phone is allotted to each household.

If you are a beneficiary of any governmental programs like food coupons or Medicaid, or a member enlisted for any governmental help schemes, you are entitled to services like that provided by ReachOut wireless. Essentially, ReachOut wireless services are provided to those with a dire need for the same. You are advised to keep all relevant documents at the ready so that the process of applying for and being granted a ReachOut wireless hand set is not

ReachOut Wireless

Features of ReachOut Wireless

ReachOut wireless hands out a wide range of phones, that may be new or refurbished based on the availability of hand sets. From the simplest and most basic cellular phone models to handsets with advanced features, ReachOut wireless mobile phones come in all shapes, sizes and brands.

The free nature of ReachOut wireless services do not translate to lack of features or lapse in services. The phones provided by ReachOut wireless often include the following features: 3 way calling that allows ReachOut wireless users to hold conference calls. When you use the 3 way calling feature, you are charged for two calls till you disconnect the calls. International toll rates are applicable. International calls are permitted on these mobile phones, and it is not just Mexico or Canada that are labeled international. Long distance international calls are also allowed.

ReachOut wireless users can exercise the liberty of forwarding their calls to any other phone whey wish to, be it a land line or another cellular mobile. Setting up your voicemail will help you prevent missing out on any important calls that may have a bearing on your professional life. A ReachOut wireless user need not fear missing that job invitation call when they head in for a shower as their voicemail will record and replay recorded messages.

Other basic functions like text messaging and creating caller IDs are also well within the reach of ReachOut wireless service recipients. The users of ReachOut wireless mobile phones have little to nothing to complain as superior facilities are provided to them at virtually no cost incurred by the users.

Perks of ReachOut Wireless

There are numerous benefits of being on the receiving end of ReachOut wireless. Given that it is a service provided by a telecommunications company in collaboration with the state and central government, ReachOut wireless is not without its benefits.

The free or discounted talk time provided to users differs from state to state, and international calling rates are heavily subsidized. The best part about ReachOut wireless services is that a recipient is not treated like the recipient of charity, but as an individual exercising his / her right to basic needs. USA is one of the few countries that can count lines of communication as a primary need of its populations.

When you are a part of the ReachOut wireless family, you find that you can demand upgrade of your phone. Upgrade options differ from state to state, depending on the new, second hand or refurbished phones that are available with ReachOut wireless service providers at a particular point in time. From tablets to slide phones to basic phones without so much as a camera, all hues of mobile phones are provided by ReachOut wireless.

The rules and regulations concerning Lifeline, and subsequently ReachOut wireless application and grant, are constantly revised and made better. Currently, the law requires ReachOut wireless applicants to submit documentation that proves that they are registered recipients of a government help program to be able to complete the process of enrollment with the service provider.

Reachout wireless is considered to be quite a boon by those enjoying its services. Though it is a challenge that a household can afford to have just that one mobile phone that has been provided by ReachOut wireless, the availability of this phone is quite helpful. One of the most important functions of these phones is to allow job applicants in a family communicate with employers or headhunting agents. The lack of contact information typically works against a candidate as it becomes a more difficult task to contact someone without a mobile phone for instantaneous results.

In all, this Lifeline service provider has garnered much support over the years to be looked up to as a worthy telecommunications player that makes a difference in the lives of its users. Every month, hundreds of new phones and ample talk time is disseminated to users and new members. Automatic top ups of talk time every month, and flawless service seems to be the order of the day.

ReachOut Wireless Contacts

ReachOut Wireless Lifeline Government assisted wireless service
Enrollment Support:
Customer Service:
Technical Support:
(California Residents Only)
(Other states)

Reach Out Wireless Free Phone

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
There is one simple way to get a Reach Out Wireless free phone. The Life Line program and Link Up program helps US citizens with low income who receive different kinds of support from authorities to get a free government cell phone to use for calling and sending short text messages.

Reachout Wireless also participates in these programs and its subscribers if satisfying all the criteria within days can receive their Reach out wireless free phone. These phones are usually simple and have only the basic features. However, if a person wants to upgrade a phone, it can be done with an additional fee. In addition, additional minutes can be bought through the website or specific locations.

How To Submit Reach Out Wireless Application

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
The fastest way to get a free government cell phone would be by filling a Reach Out Wireless application and submitting it through the convenient tool, such as an official web-site to the ReachouWireless provider. It would be smart to check the qualification criteria before actually filling in the form, for the government assistance for free cell phones is not available in all the states with this company, as well as the conditions for receiving the phone by an invidual or a household may differ.

Generally, it does not take more than an hour to fill the Reach Out Wireless application  with all the date necessary. The company usually reviews the applications fast, and, therefore, in a few days time a person can get a free cell phone.

how to enroll reachout wireless

Enroll in Free Government Cell Phone Program At

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
Government assisted prepaid and unlimited prepaid cell phone plans are provided by Reachout Wireless through their website The services of this company are provided in all states with coverage area increasing all the time. This provider offers good cost-wise prepaid services allowing its customer to control the budget spent on air time. People, who want to receive free government cell phones with special plans, need to fill in application and, if eligible, will enjoy the talks and text messaging provided by Reachoutwireless.

Features of provider

Today when there is a big number of prepaid cell phone plans available nationwide it might be a little bit hard to choose the best one that suits one needs and wishes. contains all the information necessary for the prospective subscribers. Reading about the specifics of the service, available free Reachout Wireless cell phones and smartphones, the features of the plans, etc. will enable the customers to discover all advantages and disadvantages of subscribing.

Filling in application is the first step to receiving lifeline services with official support from the government. However, one should remember, that Reachout mobile phone assistance program is not available in all the states and comes with terms and conditions. There is an annual recertification for the users who receive support. how to enroll reachout wireless It needs to be done upon receiving the text message from the provider. Basically, the whole process is in filling the recertification form which can be performed at Not every customer has to re-certify every year, the subscribers are chosen in a random order. The completed Reachout wireless recertification form is also possible to be sent by mail, fax, and email.

Features of using Reachout cell phones

Reachout website has a special section which lets you choose the desired cell phone to use with the plan you subscribe for. The variety of cell phones is pretty big, some of them are free for users who subscribes, for others an additional fee needs to be paid upon subscription. It should also, be noted, that the phone may be updated later on. This procedure can also be done through means of

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones. is a site for government supported free wireless cell phone service. It is among popular prepaid cell phone providers with a variety of plans and financial support from the authorities for those who is eligible to receive it. Reachout mobile service is available at many locations around the country and is easy to use. website features

The website,, contains full information about the company and the services it provides. The sections of the website include the following:

1. Home. This page features different promotional options for Reachoutmobile as well as the current updates on prepaid cell phone plans available. It also gives quick look at several phones and smartphones that go with different plans.

2. Simple plan. This Reachout mobile section describes non-governmental supported lifeline service, which is designed for the users of Reachout Wireless phones who want to either have an active and aggressive prepaid cell phone plan with an ability of using many Reachout wireless minutes or the one which is more conservative. Here a person can sign up for a desired straight talk plan and choose a cell phone to use with it. Enroll when you decide to become a customer.

3. Add minutes. A section of specifically designed to enable the existing subscribers of Reachout to buy more minutes with the help of virtual air cards of different value with or without bonus minutes.

4. Features. This part of allows to learn more about particular calling and service features of the plan including 3-way calling, International long distance, Call forwarding, text messaging, Voice mail, Caller ID, Call waiting, etc.

5. Coverage. It features the map of theUSwith home and roam airtime rate and coverage area of Reachout Mobile, as well as no coverage area spots.

6. FAQ. It is possible to find the answers to the most common questions of customers here.

7. Phone manuals. This page lets the customers to check out the manual for the Reachout cell phones and Reach out smartphones.

8. Blog. The subdomain of featuring latest updates and news of the company, as well as info on specific products and plans can be found here.

To sum up, the easiest way to enroll is through this website, providing all terms and conditions necessary to know to become a subscriber.

How To Get More Reachout Wireless Minutes

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
All customers of Reachout Wireless can get a good deal when buying Reachout Wireless minutes with bonus minutes attached to most of airtime cards. For example, by getting a $20 card, a customer receives 200 bonus minutes along with 100 on the cars. Therefore, the price of a minute would be less than 7 cents. The cheapest card costs $3 and has 20 minutes onboard. The most expensive can be bought for $52.95 with 1000 Reachout Wireless minutes on it. It is probably the most attractive choice for the subscribers, since the price of a minute on this card is approximately 5 cents.

How to Add Reachout Wireless Minutes?

Option 1. It is probably the fastest and the simplest way of filling in the cell phone with airtime. The website of the company, provides a simple tool for this purpose. On a special web page, there are virtual cards of different price listed. Choosing a desired amount and paying for it with few easy steps will give a customer a PIN code. In order to use the minutes, a customer has to enter this PIN code into the cell phone. A PIN code has to be input within a year of purchasing date.
Option 2. MoneyGram agents sell ReachOut Wireless minutes as well. At the location of these offices, a subscriber of the Reach Out prepaid service can buy this airtime for cash. The number of locations is very big nationwide. The minutes bought through this option are loaded directly to customer’s account.

Option 3. It is similar to the previous option. The same way of buying ReachOut Wireless minutes is available atWestern Unionoffices and agents location. This option broadens the number of places to get airtime greatly.

As to the moment of writing this article, the methods of getting talking time listed above can not be added with ReachOut wireless coupons, even though there is a great interest in it. ReachOut Wireless minutes are available via several ways.

Reachout Wireless Free Phones

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
For the residents of the selected states of the USA, there is a chance to get enrolled with the service and receive Reachout Wireless free phones. The service itself is open to those, who qualify for the financial help from the government and meet all the eligibility requirements. Reachout Wireless, a company owned by Nexus Communication also provides prepaid cell phone service in all the coverage area. In order to sign up for this, the simples way is to review the information about the “simple plan” at and within few minutes to fill in some information. While providing personal data, a prospective customer is offered to choose the cell phone. There are many choices of these gadgets, including free options.

Reachout Wireless Free Prepaid Cell Phones

Naturally, Reachout Wireless free phones are the simplest in their functions and features. They are available being both, new and refurbished. These free cell phones coming with prepaid cell phone service would be a good supplement for anyone who uses better gadget with any contacts. Prepaid cell phones give freedom which contract ones lack. There are no obligatory monthly payments to be made by the owner of such a phone, and it is very simple today to add more minutes with lots of places where airtime cards available. free phones are perfect tools for using flexible wireless service. Reachout’s non-government assisted lifeline service comes with the Simple Plan and is usually received by the customers within five days upon feeling up the form on the website and choosing the actual cell phone. The cell phones are delivered by USPS.

Another Option for Cell Phones from Reach out Wireless

There is also another option when signing up for the prepaid cell phone plan with Reachout Wireless. A customer can also purchase more advanced cell phone instead of getting a simple free camera phone. There are different price ranges for these, usually in the range between $19 and $499. Some models available under this option include LG VX5200, LG VX6000, Motorola VE 240, LG VX 7100, Motorola V3 Razr, LG VX8000, Nokia 6215i, Samsung A870, Motorola Q, PCD TXT 8026, Motorola VE 465, Nokia 2605, Nokia 6315, Samsung A890, Motorola W385, LG AX 8600, Motorola A455, Samsung m540, Motorola KRZR K1m, Motorola Z6C, Casio C711, Palm Treo 650, Sharp Kin Two, Samsung Delve R800, HTC Touch XV 6900, HTC Touch Pro XV6850, HTC Ozone, Motorola Evoke QA4, HTC Imagio, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Devour, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 2, iPhone 4, and others. Therefore, the choice is big. With the initial purchase, every customer receives a free t-shirt.

Upgrading Reachout Wireless Free Cell Phones

Existing customers of RW are offered an opportunity to buy a replacement handsets for Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Kyocera, and Audiovox phones. The phones that are available through this option are all tested at the factory. It is possible for the customer to but the same or a similar model to the one previously received. In this case, the shipping will be done in the same way, as it is for the first time. The cell phone number remains unchanged and all the minutes are transferred to the new handset. In addition, some bonus minutes might be available to clients who upgrade the Reachout Wireless free cell phones with number of minutes ranging depending on the model type purchased.

Reachout Wireless Enrollment Application

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
Reachout Wireless application is the first step to become a subscriber of the state sponsored and affordable communication service with Life-Line and Link-up support programs. There are just several government-assisted cell phone service providers that also have prepaid cell phone plans available to everyone. The same is with this one. If a customer wishes to receive some kind of financial subsidy to use when getting a cell phone, then there is a matter of eligibility arisen. The phoning and texting services of  Reachout Wireless are available nationwide, however it is only in specific states of the US that the assistantship programs can be used by households and individuals.

Before Starting Reachout Wireless Application Process

If a person wants apply for the services provided by this company, there are several ways to do so. The provider has made pretty simple to start using its services. However, before the decision to become a subscriber is made, it is necessary to check whether or not all the eligibility criteria for the phone subsidy are met. If there is at least one requirement not fulfilled, then there is no point to start the application process. These discounts through the Life-Line and Link-Up programs are available only in the case of 100% matching the criteria set.

Reachout Wireless Enrollment Application

One of the limiting factors here that can make a person ineligible to fill in the Reachout Wireless application is the fact that this person or a household has used the Life-Line support or Link-Up support before. It is only once that it is possible to receive this kind of assistance.

Also, there is a limited number of states, the residents of which qualify for the government-assisted life-line service through Reachout. As of the moment of writing this article, the states the services are provided in include: Arkansas, Illinois, California, Maryland, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Louisiana, Missouri, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Mississipi. All the rules of qualification vary depending on state. The instructions and qualification rules for each state are available at

How to File an Application

There are several ways in which the application for RW services can be filed. They are described below.

1. It is possible to activate the enrollment in subscription through the official website of the company. Clicking on the banner “Enroll” will lead to a chain of action which a new customer has to perform in order to get enrolled. This online application process is convenient since it does not take much time and is pretty simple in its nature. All which is needed from the subscriber is to know the necessary data, to have an access to the Internet and to meet the eligibility requirements. It should be remembered that Lifeline account is only allowed once per specific address, and the number of people who receive government help on that address does not matter. ReachOut Web Form

Once all the field of application form are completed, the customer needs to save the file with this application to the personal computer and either email it to the email specified by the company, or print it out and send it via fax to a service number. 

2. Another way to activate the Reachout enrollment is by calling the toll free US number available on the website and be guided by a company’s representative through the application process.

3. Also it is possible to download and print out the application form from the website. It is a single page form, so it should not take a lot of time to fill it in. When it is ready with the information of an applicant, it should be faxed to the number specified in it.  

Usually, it takes several days for the Reach out Wireless to process the application submitted and to ship the free phone to a subscriber. The status of processing and shipment can be checked with the company by calling its special toll free number. The Reachout Wireless free cell phone arrives being ready to use and with pre-loaded free minutes.

Reachout Wireless Cell Phone Service

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
One the wireless service supported by the government is Reachout Wireless, provided by a company called Nexus Communications, Inc. It is a special service provider assisted by the government of the United States of America and is specially introduced to make it possible for the individuals and families, the residents of the US to be assisted with discounted cell phone services instead of getting conventional old wire technology phone.

Who Can Use Reachout Wireless? 

As with many other state-sponsored things and programs, in order to use the benefits of discounted mobile services with Reach out Wireless,  there are some pre-set criteria of eligibility for all the applicants. One of them requires the applicant, an individual or a household, to receive an official income which is equal to or is below the amount of the federal level of poverty. However, this is not the only financial requirement for the eligibility. Different states may put forward other standards concerning the subscribers. Therefore, in order to learn the chances of receiving the possibility of becoming a subscriber of Reachout Mobile plan, one should check the directives per specific states.

 Besides, there is also a limit on the amount of subscriptions One US-based household or a person can not have more than one subscription. Also, this plan can not be combined with other assistance offers such as Link-up and Lifeline. Naturally, if a person is already subscribed to either one of those, the only way to receive a Reachout phone is to quit the old service.

 Lifeline Support through Reachout Wireless Minutes

Reachout Wireless

 A great way to lower the telephone service costs is to receive Lifeline support. There is a different value to this form of subsidy, and, naturally, it depends on the state. It is in all the states, that a discount of this type may be obtained for a wireless or wireline connection, still, it is available for every household only ones. The typical amount of this financial support ranges between approximately $6 and $10 depending on state. The subscribers of Reachout Wireless are provided with Lifeline subsidy which is converted to free minutes monthly. The amount of free minutes varies. 

 Link Up Support for Subscribers

A consumer has a great opportunity to receive more financial help in getting a phone service through another convenient tool called the Link up support. This mechanism of assistantship is given once to reduce the costs of starting the telephone service. It needs to be taken into account that this help is provided only one time and per one household. It is not possible to get this discount on consecutive basis for the same physical address. 

Prepaid Cell Phone Service from Reachout

The company makes it possible for anyone to use its nationwide coverage services without a need to sign any contract and no credit check. Non-lifeline Reachout Wireless service is easy to get and to use. The cell phones for the usage can be bought really cheap on the website of the company and Airtime cards are available at multiple locations nationwide. 

Technical Side of the Service

When subscribing to the government assisted cell phone plan with Reach out Wireless, a consumer may be provided with a handset for the usages with this service. There are both refurbished and new phones and handsets available, and the chance of getting the either one is based on its availability. These Reachout Wireless free cell phones may be used along with other handsets which can be bought from the company for an additional fee. The latter usually  come with additional advanced capabilities and features, making the use of service more convenient and fun.