TerraCom Wireless Free Government Phones Lifeline Program

TerraCom Wireless is a lifeline phone service provider that is similar to others offered in the United States. Its purpose is to provide individuals with low incomes get wireless services that can keep them connected. Many of these people do not have a landline, which means that their cell phone is generally their only means for communicating with the outside world. TerraCom provides these services at a low cost along with quality customer service.

There is only one TerraCom Wireless phone provided per household. In order to use the lifeline phone service, customers must provide proof of eligibility. This means the individual must be on Medicaid, use Food Stamps, receive SSI, federal public housing assistance, be on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the National School Lunch programs or be enrolled in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program. In addition, a current tax return that shows the person’s proof of income can be used as proof for eligibility into the lifeline program.

Once you have been approved for a phone through TerraCom Wireless, you will be able to choose from a few different plans. The Lifeline Plan 250, as its name implies, includes 250 free voice minutes. Text messages are also allowed, but at the rate of one minute per text message sent and received. This plan does not include rollover voice minutes, with the plan starting fresh month by month.

The Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan Talk Text Web Plan Tribal is $3.99 per month. It is available only for residents of Oklahoma and provides users with unlimited talk, text and web for the low price of $3.99 per month, along with taxes and fees. Like the Lifeline Plan 250, this plan does not carry rollover minutes, web or text and the plan starts anew each month.

The Oklahoma Wireless Lifeline Service Unlimited Talk or Text Plan Tribal $3.99 provides customers with a choice of either unlimited voice minutes or text messaging for $3.99 plus taxes and fees per month. It is available only for Oklahoma residents, and unused minutes and texts do not carry over into the next month.

The Oklahoma TerraCom Wireless Lifeline 1000 Plan Talk or Text is $1.00 per month plus taxes and fees. It provides users with either 1000 text messages or 1000 voice minutes and does not carry over into the next month. It is only available for residents of Oklahoma.

When you sign up for Terra Com Wireless, you will receive a free basic phone that is capable of handling phone calls, text messaging and data. Unfortunately, if your phone is lost or stolen, the company is not responsible. However, you can receive a new device for as low as $19.99 or as much as $99.99 made by brands such as LG, ZTE or Samsung. When the issue arises, just contact TerraCom Wireless to solve it.

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