Reachout Wireless Free Phones

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
For the residents of the selected states of the USA, there is a chance to get enrolled with the service and receive Reachout Wireless free phones. The service itself is open to those, who qualify for the financial help from the government and meet all the eligibility requirements. Reachout Wireless, a company owned by Nexus Communication also provides prepaid cell phone service in all the coverage area. In order to sign up for this, the simples way is to review the information about the “simple plan” at and within few minutes to fill in some information. While providing personal data, a prospective customer is offered to choose the cell phone. There are many choices of these gadgets, including free options.

Reachout Wireless Free Prepaid Cell Phones

Naturally, Reachout Wireless free phones are the simplest in their functions and features. They are available being both, new and refurbished. These free cell phones coming with prepaid cell phone service would be a good supplement for anyone who uses better gadget with any contacts. Prepaid cell phones give freedom which contract ones lack. There are no obligatory monthly payments to be made by the owner of such a phone, and it is very simple today to add more minutes with lots of places where airtime cards available. free phones are perfect tools for using flexible wireless service. Reachout’s non-government assisted lifeline service comes with the Simple Plan and is usually received by the customers within five days upon feeling up the form on the website and choosing the actual cell phone. The cell phones are delivered by USPS.

Another Option for Cell Phones from Reach out Wireless

There is also another option when signing up for the prepaid cell phone plan with Reachout Wireless. A customer can also purchase more advanced cell phone instead of getting a simple free camera phone. There are different price ranges for these, usually in the range between $19 and $499. Some models available under this option include LG VX5200, LG VX6000, Motorola VE 240, LG VX 7100, Motorola V3 Razr, LG VX8000, Nokia 6215i, Samsung A870, Motorola Q, PCD TXT 8026, Motorola VE 465, Nokia 2605, Nokia 6315, Samsung A890, Motorola W385, LG AX 8600, Motorola A455, Samsung m540, Motorola KRZR K1m, Motorola Z6C, Casio C711, Palm Treo 650, Sharp Kin Two, Samsung Delve R800, HTC Touch XV 6900, HTC Touch Pro XV6850, HTC Ozone, Motorola Evoke QA4, HTC Imagio, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Devour, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 2, iPhone 4, and others. Therefore, the choice is big. With the initial purchase, every customer receives a free t-shirt.

Upgrading Reachout Wireless Free Cell Phones

Existing customers of RW are offered an opportunity to buy a replacement handsets for Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Kyocera, and Audiovox phones. The phones that are available through this option are all tested at the factory. It is possible for the customer to but the same or a similar model to the one previously received. In this case, the shipping will be done in the same way, as it is for the first time. The cell phone number remains unchanged and all the minutes are transferred to the new handset. In addition, some bonus minutes might be available to clients who upgrade the Reachout Wireless free cell phones with number of minutes ranging depending on the model type purchased.

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