ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones. is a site for government supported free wireless cell phone service. It is among popular prepaid cell phone providers with a variety of plans and financial support from the authorities for those who is eligible to receive it. Reachout mobile service is available at many locations around the country and is easy to use. website features

The website,, contains full information about the company and the services it provides. The sections of the website include the following:

1. Home. This page features different promotional options for Reachoutmobile as well as the current updates on prepaid cell phone plans available. It also gives quick look at several phones and smartphones that go with different plans.

2. Simple plan. This Reachout mobile section describes non-governmental supported lifeline service, which is designed for the users of Reachout Wireless phones who want to either have an active and aggressive prepaid cell phone plan with an ability of using many Reachout wireless minutes or the one which is more conservative. Here a person can sign up for a desired straight talk plan and choose a cell phone to use with it. Enroll when you decide to become a customer.

3. Add minutes. A section of specifically designed to enable the existing subscribers of Reachout to buy more minutes with the help of virtual air cards of different value with or without bonus minutes.

4. Features. This part of allows to learn more about particular calling and service features of the plan including 3-way calling, International long distance, Call forwarding, text messaging, Voice mail, Caller ID, Call waiting, etc.

5. Coverage. It features the map of theUSwith home and roam airtime rate and coverage area of Reachout Mobile, as well as no coverage area spots.

6. FAQ. It is possible to find the answers to the most common questions of customers here.

7. Phone manuals. This page lets the customers to check out the manual for the Reachout cell phones and Reach out smartphones.

8. Blog. The subdomain of featuring latest updates and news of the company, as well as info on specific products and plans can be found here.

To sum up, the easiest way to enroll is through this website, providing all terms and conditions necessary to know to become a subscriber.

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