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Enroll in Free Government Cell Phone Program At

ReachOut Wireless no longer participates in the Government Lifeline Program and does not provide free cell phones or smartphones.
Government assisted prepaid and unlimited prepaid cell phone plans are provided by Reachout Wireless through their website The services of this company are provided in all states with coverage area increasing all the time. This provider offers good cost-wise prepaid services allowing its customer to control the budget spent on air time. People, who want to receive free government cell phones with special plans, need to fill in application and, if eligible, will enjoy the talks and text messaging provided by Reachoutwireless.

Features of provider

Today when there is a big number of prepaid cell phone plans available nationwide it might be a little bit hard to choose the best one that suits one needs and wishes. contains all the information necessary for the prospective subscribers. Reading about the specifics of the service, available free Reachout Wireless cell phones and smartphones, the features of the plans, etc. will enable the customers to discover all advantages and disadvantages of subscribing.

Filling in application is the first step to receiving lifeline services with official support from the government. However, one should remember, that Reachout mobile phone assistance program is not available in all the states and comes with terms and conditions. There is an annual recertification for the users who receive support. how to enroll reachout wireless It needs to be done upon receiving the text message from the provider. Basically, the whole process is in filling the recertification form which can be performed at Not every customer has to re-certify every year, the subscribers are chosen in a random order. The completed Reachout wireless recertification form is also possible to be sent by mail, fax, and email.

Features of using Reachout cell phones

Reachout website has a special section which lets you choose the desired cell phone to use with the plan you subscribe for. The variety of cell phones is pretty big, some of them are free for users who subscribes, for others an additional fee needs to be paid upon subscription. It should also, be noted, that the phone may be updated later on. This procedure can also be done through means of

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